Photo Caption: Tim Tebow

(WSCR) Today, the Jets introduced Tim Tebow to the New York media.

Last week, the Jets traded for one of the most polarizing quarterbacks in NFL history. Love it or hate it, Tebowmania isn’t going anywhere.

Now, we’re looking for your best and most-creative caption for the picture below.

Leave your caption in the “comments section” below.

1419225901 Photo Caption: Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

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  • Jim

    My wang is this big!!

  • Cynic

    How close to Christ do I look now?

  • j

    and now the hudson river should be parted

  • Harry

    Who’s Jenn Sterger?

  • Don

    Of course I’m sad to leave Denver. I’m a mile further from God now.

  • John

    There are ten commandments and I can run ten plays. Coincidence?

  • Brian Milewski

    This town is great. I got off the bus and this nice man asked if he could inspect my wallet for me. If anyone has seen him, could you please let him know the Lord is with him and if he could return it to me that would be GREAT! My library card was in it.

  • sobs1010

    What would Tebow do???

  • Dave

    “…and I love coach, and i love the fans, and now i am in new york…and I love that, and I love my new coach, and i love my new fans…and here is my impression of jesus!”

  • John

    I still make more money than Boers and Bernstein

  • Gd773

    I’m an Atheist now…and what??

  • Sean

    These are the hands that healed Brian Dawkins neck.

  • Sean

    Through the power of Christ, I will use these hands to heal Mark Sanchez’s bum arm and Rex Ryan’s fat ass.

  • Mike

    *Invisible Party Sub*

  • J-man

    Um, if they want me to play tight end, or h-back, or whatever, I’m cool with that, and if Mark, uh Sanches, throws me a pass, I would try to catch it, and I would catch it like this.

    But first and foremost, I would thank Jesus for helping Mark to throw me such a good pass.. and I would be so proud of him.. uh Jesus, and mark too, but first Jesus.

  • tim evans

    I have come to NY to gully-wash the city of sin. But really I like everyone I’ve met and expect to have a great realtionship with the fans and i run really fast and sometimes I can throw and……..

  • Steve

    I am not sure why the Jets traded for me

  • Mike

    I asked Jesus to please help the Broncos win a Super Bowl, and now I’m a Jet.

    • manypath

      Best comment so far-good work

  • Harry Furbush

    “Where the White Women at?”

  • DomChota

    “I like them French fried potaters.”

  • Kevin Hush O'Connor

    Not only does God have my back but the Snooki from Jersey Shore wants to show me what a true Missionary position is about

  • Mike Gilbert

    Reporter: So do you have any idea why the Jets traded for you?
    Tebow: Seriously man I have no idea

  • 2-Ply

    Tim Tebow stumped when asked, why someone would be an atheist.

  • Chad

    “…and I love New York and I love Mark and I love Rex, but, um, do you know what he is saying half the time because, um, some of those words, um, i dont know what they mean”

  • shadow

    Why doesn’t anyone like me????

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