(WSCR) The 2012 White Sox may want to do some research on White Sox history.

In 2000, the American League Central seemed destined to go to the Indians. It was almost a foregone conclusion. The White Sox weren’t expected to compete that season, and their marketing slogan was “Hey, let the kids play!”referring to the team’s young, inexperienced culture.

That’s when the White Sox shocked the league and won the division. Paul Konerko remembers that 2000 season and believes the team can repeat in 2012.

“I played on the 2000 team here. … That team came and took over and won the division that year against a Cleveland team that nobody thought was beatable for a lot of reasons,” Konerko told The Score’s Chris Rongey. “(The Indians) were the most dominant team, by far, in probably any division. With respect to the Tigers, the division goes through those guys. They’ve earned that. But that gap we felt in 2000 between us and Cleveland is not nearly the gap we feel with Detroit and us right now.”

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So what do the White Sox need to do to capture the division this season?

“Just having the approach we have right now and doing that for the next six months and not letting anything else alter the way we go about it as a team, putting out heads down and playing the game as hard as we can and competing the right way,” Konerko said. “If we do that, I think we’ll be a tough team to play against and we’ll do a lot better than a lot of people think. I think if that’s just a small goal we have that could take us somewhere instead of looking at the big, huge picture that, ‘Hey, we gotta win 90 games.’ I think sometimes when you look at the end result like that, you forget how to get there.”



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