Walter’s Perspective: Where Are The Rallies For Other Black Victims?

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you know the name Trayvon Martin, you know of a campaign to stop the killing of young and innocent African Americans.

Trayvon Martin was shot dead by a neighborhood crime fighter in Florida, and the nation has erupted, as thousands of citizens have demanded the man be arrested and charged with murder.

It is a moment, says Rev. Jesse Jackson, that’s turned into a movement – with entertainers, politicians and preachers demanding justice for one innocent African American teenager killed in Sanford, Fla.

So what about the dozens of African American teenagers killed by their peers in Chicago? Shot dead in their neighborhoods, in their playgrounds, on their front porches. Moments that have not and are not being turned into movements.

The celebrities, the media, Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jackson, they’re all in Florida. Isn’t it time for what they’re doing down there to be done up here?

  • tom sharp

    Semi-congratulatons Walter, you got the hypocrisy part of it right. Too bad you and CBS News forgot to mention the overt racism practiced by Jackson and Sharpton and their posses in their highly selective indignation over one particular “murder” supposedly committed by an almost White guy. I hope you will have the decency (and smarts) to point out the duplicity and culpability of the above should any “negative reactions” to the outcome of the investigation occur.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      @G-Lep – Mr. Sharp sure puts you to shame with his well worded statements!!! LOL !!!

      @Tom – those fuking lawyers have people to correct their spelling!!!

    • johnnie

      stone cold racist?? ok, then where are their victims? you can’t call folks racist without having some VICTIMS of their racism. who’s rights have sharpton or jesse interfered with? how have they interrupted ANYONE’S pursuit of happiness in this country? give me an example..ANY EXAMPLE. give me ONE white victim…JUST ONE that these individuals directly harmed. like i said, this is not about sharpton or jackson this is about a POLICE DEPARTMENT that failed to do its due diligence. that’s why a person like you looks suspicious to me. because you AVOID the real issue and talk about people who did NOT cause this tragic incident (sharpton and jackson). look dude, if you don’t wanna hear sharpton or jackson’s voice, then treat people with justice and fairness that’s all…that will solve all that. what do you have to say about the police department? in fact what HAVE YOU SAID about the derelict police department…i dont wanna hear nothing about jackson…focus on the issue. where is the JUSTICE dude. that’s all i wanna know.

      • James

        jackson and sharpton have never wanted equality. they want handouts and special treatment for blacks. That’s why they’re racist. If the cops do their job, they’re criticized. If they don’t, same result. That’s racist. jesse defending those kids in the fight downstate is another example. Everytime jesse,sharpton, pfleger,etc. march, they try to put the blame on someone else other than blacks. That’s why they’re racist.

      • Lew

        Many white victims that were falsely accused in the past.. Twana Brawley case.. Duke Lacrosse.. White mens names were dragged through the mud in the national media.. All for the sake of making themselves rich… Do you actually think if a jury of his peers finds G.Zimmerman not guilty, he will have no problems getting a job, or married etc.?? His name is permanently stained no matter what.. Al and Jesse attack peoples character, before a case ever comes about.. They have a history of helping distort the truth, and out and out lying to help their person.. Look up the T.Brawley and Duke Lacrosse cases on wikipedia.. It is sickening.. the lady Al backed in the Duke case in 2006 is in jail today, awaiting trial for murder… He doesn’t scrutinize the “victims” he assists, he just jumps on board, before knowing all the details. when things start looking rough.. LIE LIE LIE…

        Blacks call whites Racist all the time.. for all kinds of things that have no victim.. so your argument is futile… If a white person uses the “N” word, who is the victim??

    • G-Lep

      Fine commentary there, tom! Are you a lawyer?

      • tom sharp

        No G-Lep, no lawyer here–I’m much too poor for that. Besides, if I were a lawyer I’d have been able to spell “congratulatons” correctly in my original comment!! Keep up the good work!

  • Barbara

    Walter HAS a point, buy being this whole charade was perpetuated by the media, is he the kettle this time ?? Or the pot??

  • Frank Caputo

    Water your comments where right on target tonight. I emailed Jesse last night and told him where have your son Jr. and the other son been when all the kids in his back yard on the south side have been killed. Just last week we had 40 plus shotings on the southside alone. If you can’t be in front of a camera and on tv your not around. I told him he should be ashamed of himself as well as his son and Al. Cheers to you. Frank Caputo

    • Cathy

      Frank….thank you! Murders, murders, murders in Chicago..where are their compassions for the parents of these young people? I give Walter alot of credit….most of the news people are afraid to speak up…or are teamed up with. A black anchor.

    • Cathy

      Frank….thank you! Murders, murders, murders in Chicago..where are their compassions for the parents of these young people? I give Walter alot of credit….most of the news people are afraid to speak up…or are teamed up with a black anchor person and will not speak!

    • George Zimmerman, American


    • andre

      Frank i agree 100% ……

    • peorianewm

      totally agree with you!

  • Blago

    Walter has a point, but I dont need to see a movement there or here. Get them educated or send them all to jail. This incident has become bigger than it should have been, Did trayvon attack the other man? The jesse jacksons were too fast to jump on this because a different race killed a black person. where are the movements for whites being killed by blacks? The media was too fast to portray this boy as a skittle loving innocent boy. He was suspended from school for marijuana staying with a non-relative. He wasnt innocent. People need to wake up and see the facts.

    • George Zimmerman, American

      So the squeaky clean kid was a hood after all. Amazing how these little details get lost in the sea of knee jerk calls for justice. All of you who judged before hearing all the details should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Hyprocisy

    Could you imagine if GW got involved in a white boy shooting death when he was president? What if GW said he is worroed because if he had a son, it would look like the white boy? I bet goons of jesse and al would march against it.

    • Percy

      It would never happen because a white teen in a hoodie sweater doesn’t look suspicious to non-white people. So if this boy were white there would not have been an incident. It would have simply been a kid walking home in the rain.

  • Me

    About time Walter finally said something that made sense and has a major chunk of truth in it.

  • G-Lep

    Well, Walter, we’re all waiting for you to organize them! Of course, Father PHLEGMer will help. I hear he has some altar wine you might enjoy, even though it’s not kosher.

  • urbantranslator

    Walter for the record I’m in total support of the Trayvon Martins family and the people who are asking that justice me done; I also agree with what you said 100%.


    As a mattr of fact you should play it on FOX, black out or beep the N- word but let the world see and har the message.

  • John Taz

    Zimmerman was wrong for going after Martin with a gun, it was not his responsibility to do so, had he not then nothing would have happened. It has been reported that witnesses saw Martin attack Zimmerman. Again if Zimmerman didn’t follow Martin then nothing would have happened. Zimmerman wasn’t defending himself, he was playing wanna-be.

    • da truth,over by dere

      so you know what happened,are you with the states attorney or a police officer?

  • johnnie

    again, i for one TOTALLY disagree with Jacobson. most of you all must have had your head in the sand for the past 20 or 30 years. Jesse, Father Pfleger and many other black leaders have marched IN CHICAGO with MAYOR DALEY against random violence in the city. right there in englewood a few years ago when those little girls got shot by some ignorant gang bangers, mayor daley and all the black preachers and pastor was out there trying to reign the violence in. sorry to bust your bubble, but what are you smoking? the fact of the matter is that most white people don’t like BLACK LEADERSHIP OF ANY KIND..and they especially don’t like black leaders who AGITATE FOR JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS WITHIN THE SYSTEM…and many negroes are quick to criticize people of their own and go along with what Mr. Charlie says OUT OF IGNORANCE. Farrakhan, Jesse, Sharpton, Pfleger and every other CONSCIOUS black preacher have been preaching stop the violence for at least 30 years. this is a joke…and so are you if you don’t know that. NOW BESIDES ALL THAT, YOU ALL MISS THE POINT ANYWAY…..ENTIRELY. Sharpton and Jackson are NOT involved simply because Zimmerman shot and killed Treyvon. they are involved because he shot and killed the boy and the police, who we pay taxes to and do not expect to behave like organized crime APPARENTLY TRIED TO COVER IT UP TO PROTECT THIS GUY WHO CLEARLY RACIALLY PROFILED THIS KID AND THEN KILLED HIM that’s the argument right there. the black community and other people of good will would not be in a NATIONAL UPROAR at all had Zimmerman been arrested and the wheels of justice began to turn like they. most folks would have called it a tragedy gone on about their bizness. THAT’S WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT..DUUHHHH!! the police are supposed to UPHOLD THE LAW and they failed to do it..and that what brought the attention. in fact, i dare say, most folks wouldn’t even know about it at all had the police done it’s job. so it’s wrong and not in any equivalent to throw up black on black crime as some sort of analogy. you cannot compare generally ignorant, uneducated, blacks who engage in foolish crimes of passion in TOTALLY DYSFUNCTIONAL COMMUNITIES to a competent duly charged, tax-paid police department who let a loose cannon in a wealthy, gated community walk scott-free after killing a innocent boy in cold blood —then tried to cover it up. how in the hell you gonna compare the two? go wake up and smell some coffee…anybody’s coffee.

    • Jay

      Your “great minds/leaders” are ineffectual. They’ve been “agitating” for 30 years and haven’t been able to stop the culture of violence. The shooters and their victims are getting younger as the years pass. It’s not up to Jacobson or the esteemed leadership and clergy to stop the violence. It’s past time that people take responsibility for themselves, their children and their own communities.

      Zimmerman may turn out to be a cold blooded killer, but a few of you are failing to understand that all the facts of that case haven’t been fully disclosed to date. I wish that Sharpton, Jackson and everyone else hoping for a PR windfall on the back of this tragedy waited for the facts to be fully disclosed, too. But if they have to jump in front of a camera, I’m with Jacobson; Where were they a week ago, when the bullets were flying right here?

      • johnnie

        ain’t no one “failing to understand that the facts”. what YOU fail to understand is that when there is a DEAD BODY killed by someone who DOES NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY TO KILL, that person is arrested UNTIL the facts are determined and brought before a judge. once the investigation begins, a judge may grant BAIL and allow the accused to remain free until the investigation is completed, evidence is compiled, and a trial begins to ascertain guilt or innocence. so while you are claiming that other people don’t understand certain things, seems like you don’t understand how the law works. again you all are obsessed with SHARPTON AND JACKSON. how about being obssessed with fairness and justice. the biggest way to shut sharpton mouth is to act with justice. you don’t like it when jesse talks, then tell the police to do their job, that’s all.

      • johnnie

        and by the way, you remark of “they’ve been agitating” for 30 years and haven’t been able to stop the culture of violence” did not escape me. its curious that you would call an attempt to get people to actually stop killing each other, which is a noble thing by all accounts, “agitating”. you see, that’s YOUR term..not mine and certainly not theirs. for me to go to great length to previously talk about how these two leaders have been preaching “stop the violence” for over 30 years and you refer to it as “agitating” it let’s black people know who their friends are and who their so-called friends are. if they preached black unity and peace, which they have, what would you call them then “rabble rousers”?? LOL. boy you white folks (or white-minded folks) crack me up…LOL

      • johnnie sound like an intelligent person. i want you to tell me DIRECTLY what should sharpton and jackson do about the violence in the black community? i want to hear some GOOD IDEAS from you Jay. What do YOU suggest they do? We have over 100,000 young black males in chicago ALONE, most of whom are inadequately educated, unemployed and live in broken homes and depressed communiities. now you multiply that times AT LEAST 20 TO 30 based on similar conditions ALL THROUGHOUT AMERICA.i would like to hear your thoughtful plan as to what these two individuals can do TO KEEP BLACK YOUTH FROM ENGAGING IN acts of violence in this country. i want to see a list you your thoughtful suggestions. i don’t want no “smart” remark or witty quip. i want you to put on your “thinking cap” and tell me what can they do about this SERIOUS PUBLIC SAFETY MATTER. and i want EVERYBODY WHO READS THIS TO PAY GOOD ATTENTION TO WHAT JAY HAS TO OFFER…AND MAKE SUGGESTIONS OF YOUR OWN TO ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK SHARPTON AND JACKSON CAN DO FOR OVER 1 MILLION BLACK MEN LIVING IN GHETTOS ACROSS AMERICA. then AFTER you finish jotting down your ideas ask yourself “would that REALLY put an end to the violence in THAT PARTICULAR COMMUNITY, AMONG THAT PARTICULAR POPULATION WHO CONTINUE TO LIVE UNDER THE SAME PARTICULAR CONDITIONS? now let’s see who is really “honest” here.

  • goofy

    This is the first time that I actually agree with Walter on one of his perspectives. Way to go, Walter!

    • johnnie

      no disrespect intended, but i see why your name is goofy.

      • Homes

        johnnie: “no disrespect intended, but i see why your name is goofy” If this is what you wrote, then we can truthfully let this speak for itself about your mentality and DEFINITION OF “NO DISRESPECT”

  • Rev. Fannie McCullough

    As a newsman, I find it hard to believe that you would compare a “cold blooded murder coverup” to what is happening here in Chicago. This unfortunate incident is not only about a possible murder coverup, but also about unfair laws that have and are being set up around the country! Haven’t you been reading? It is obvious that you are not about “fairness” for all ethnic groups of people in this country. Sharpton and Jackson are two individuals who you obviously recognize their great capabilities. However, they are not the police department nor do they control all groups. You have the right to “lead” a group or groups in Chicago. What are you doing to help in this monumental problem with the killings? I haven’t seen your name leading anything positive in this situation. So, don’t be a “hater” towards those who are putting their lives on the line. Stop spewing the poisons of your inner feelings toward two great minds/leaders just because you may not like their great abilities to get things done. If you can’t report truthfully and not based upon your obvious prejudices, you would do better to simply report on the weather. I will be looking to see you in the news leading a group rallying to stop the killings right here in Chicago, so we can see how effective you are in this endeavor. Until then, FIND YOUR OWN PLACE!!!

    • THEE Yard Ape

      @Rev – “cold blooded murder coverup” . Are you fuking kidding me??!! Another street corner reverend opens his mouth!!!

  • Jay

    Johnnie: Florida statute 776.013 (3).. The facts of this case have yet to prove or disprove that Zimmerman was within his legal rights to defend himself against perceived harm. That statute gives Florida residents the “authority” to use deadly force. Zimmerman may or may not have been within those rights — but at this point, we the public do not know.

  • Jay

    This is my last post to you, Johnnie. We’ll never reach accord. I used the word “agitating” because you used it. Let me refresh your memory since you’ve forgotten what you wrote up-thread.. You said:

    “the fact of the matter is that most white people don’t like BLACK LEADERSHIP OF ANY KIND..and they especially don’t like black leaders who AGITATE FOR JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS WITHIN THE SYSTEM”

    Have a good night.

    • johnnie

      i did say that. but unfortunately jay, you mixed up the threads of the dialogue. my remark that contained the term “agitate” was with regard to why most white people simply don’t like black leadership, that was an independent remark that explained the opposisition to people like jackson and sharpton.

      i was not referring to them marching in their own communities to try to convince and persuade those young brother in the hood to put down their weapons. the comment in marches and rallies. that ain’t “agitating” for justice. that’s promoting peace. in 90 percent of those cases where they held rallies the perpetrators were caught so there was nothing to “agitate” about. the rallies and marches were held to try to, as i said, discourage other misguided people from doing similar acts. so you just got it all mixed up in your head. agitation only comes in when the SYSTEM CONSPICUOUSLY FAILS in it’s responsibility, the system that we pay taxes to and expect that there are reasonable, competent, fair-minded people managing it. you see, it’s very very hard to control random individual behavior. it’s much easier to control institutional behavior. the police department and legal system is an institution that can be influenced and controlled but pressure sometimes have to be placed on them to get them to do the right thing…hence “agitation.”

  • johnnie

    indeed, but it is NOT for the police to INTERPRET the law. it is for a JUDGE or a JURY to determine if his behaviors falls within the LAW. and given the facts of this case 1) the kid was unarmed and talking on a cell phone to his girlfriend 2) zimmerman pursued HIM 3) zimmerman was advised NOT to pursue him by a dispatcher and did so anyhow 4) zimmerman made remarks implying that he would take matters into his own hands 5) Zimmerman, by his own admission was acting in a capacity that he actually had no authority to act in and 6) the kid is DEAD…do you hear me DEAD. if that is not MURKY ENOUGH WATERS to make for probable cause to arrest this guy and let a judge sort this thing out, i don’t know what is. the police is trying to act as law enforcement, investigators, judge, jury…hell, even the lawyer for this guy, for chris’sake. it stinks….and you show me a similar case ANYWHERE in legal history as a precedence and i will shut my mouth Jay. Indeed, how in the hell can a self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman go around LOOKING FOR TROUBLE and rolling up on people with a 9ml gun, scaring the sh#t out of them…and then when they protect THEMSELVES against HIM (whot they don’t know from JACK THE RIPPER, JOHN GACY or TED BUNDY), the self-appointed watchman shoots them and claims self-defense. i’m sorry boss, that don’t make sense to LOONEY TUNES characters….not bugs bunny, daffy duck and all the rest of dem wascals…LOL

  • smash44

    According to the Uniform Crime Report for 2009, among people 18 or younger, blacks were charged with 58 percent of murder and non-negligent manslaughter, 67 percent of robberies, 42 percent of aggravated assaults and 43 percent of auto thefts. As for murder, more than 90 percent of the time, their victims were black. These statistics, showing a strong interconnection among race, youth and crime, are a far better explanation for racial profiling and suspicion than simple racism.

    Po Po Travon. Set up by his own pathetic worthless black race.

  • Frank


    • johnnie

      those are seemingly good facts…that i would have gladly dealt with intelligently, until you made that last remark. and what praytell gives white people their worth? lying, cheating, enslaving people, genocide, instituting “population control” methods on darker people, invading countries, killing people without provocation. you see, don’t go there. whatever black people do TO THEMSELVES is done out of ignorance. blacks who advance and become educated, self-loving self-respecting individuals don’t engage in that behavior. go check the crime stats among “black middle class people”. it’s probably less than white people’s. we have plenty plenty people in corporate america. when is the last time you saw a black white collar criminal. so the evil and wickedness that white people do is precisely among you intelligent wealthy class. so how would you like me, who comes from a worthless black race, say that you (whom i presume is white) comes from an evil white race? how ’bout them apples?

    • Homes


  • Percy

    I have read all these messages. and Johnnie I have to say you did a great job explaining our frustration in this case and with Walter’s comments. Here is my question to all the white people who agree with what Walter said. If there was a Black neighborhood watch guy who called the police and said he saw a guy who looked suspicious because he had a baseball cap on told the 911 he was going to check it out, they tell him not to do that and 5 minutes later a 17 yr old white kid is dead who had skittles on his person. The black police come out give the black guy his gun back and let him go home because he said it was self defense. No arrest, no taking him into the station for questioning, nothing. then they don’t contact the parents of the dead boy for 3 days and not release the 911 tapes until there is a public outcry. Wouldn’t that make you mad? Would it matter if the boy had smoked pot before? Wouldn’t you feel like these black police officers were doing a terrible job or covering something up? Would you want to see the neighborhood watch shooter at least arrested and if proven innocent then released? wouldn’t it sound crazy if the black chief of police TEMPORARILY REMOVES HIMSELF???. Be honest with yourself. Now take race totally out of it. If a grown man shoots a boy on your block who was simply walking home, would you want that GROWN man to be arrested?

    • Jay

      Percy, if what you outlined happened, any decent person, regardless of race, would be outraged. But that’s not what happened in Trayvon Martin’s case.

      The Sanford PD filed an incident report and wanted charges. They took Zimmerman in for questioning. The state att’y didn’t find cause to arrest Zimmerman. They impaneled a grand jury; the governor stepped in and replaced the original state att’y. The office says they’re still investigating. So, how do you think it’s the Sanford PD’s fault that Zimmerman wasn’t charged? I don’t think the Sanford chief should have backed off for following the process.. And if Martin was in possession of women’s jewelry at the time of his death (newly reported) and if he was a regular pot smoker (Zimmerman said he looked “high”), all of that supports Zimmerman’s 911 calls describing Martin’s alleged demeanor. If people watched or read the news beyond the clips of Jackson and Sharpton’s statements, they’d know there’s more to this case — and even more that we don’t yet know. There’s plenty of frustration to go around, and pushing the race card to obscure the truth does nobody justice.

      • johnnie

        Jay, you are very clever….but sorry, you can’t wiggle out of this one and neither can the police. 1) the police fell down on the job when they found trayvon INSIDE the gated community DEAD with skittles and ice tea. did it ever occur to them that he BELONGED to someone in the complex? who did they try to contact on the premises? that couldn’t have been hard at all. why did the father have to track down the police…and then after inquiring was given NO INFORMATION until 3 days later? 2) zimmerman was STILL SUPPOSED TO BE ARRESTED…if the state’s attorney later decided to not charge him, then so be it. that’s what “THE CHARGES WERE LATER DROPPED” means when something like this happens. But the person STILL GETS ARRESTED. if they had done that, then they would NOT be taking so much heat right now. but that’s not what they did dude. And all that stuff that you are talking about with the other players in the justice system DON’T come into play at the specific time that the police arrives on the scene of a crime. all that happens LATER..but again, the person is first ARRESTED RIGHT THEN AND THERE..because you don’t know what kind of danger he poses to society. and the fact that he may have had marijuana is totally IRRELEVANT…even if he did 1) zimmerman HAD NO LEGAL AUTHORITY TO DO A DAMN THING ABOUT THAT and 2) if we gonna start bringing up marijuana use, oh hell where do you wanna start with that conversation YALE? PRINCETON? CORNELL? HOW ABOUT HARVARD? hell a couple of years ago, they busted a whole drug ring at columbia university in new york city…an ivy league school. we’ve had presidents admit to pot smoking for chrissake…I THINK THEY TURNED OUT TO BE PRETTY DECENT CITIZENS IN THE LONG-RUN, WOULD U NOT AGREE? LOL. dude, where u going with that argument? you got some white folks kill black people in cold blood. other white folks wouldn’t dare do that, but they would try to defend and justify it.then you got some that will turn the tables on black people and find some SHRED of evidence to say that the victim deserved it, or that it was his OWN fault in someway and that WE are playing the race card as we watch your kids lie dead in the street..then others will grit their teeth and own up to things and admit the mistake…and last but not least, you MIGHT get a handful that will come out and try to do something to address the situation…and half of them will run for cover if they wind up having to make a sacrifice in order to see justice i said, you white folks kill me. you gotta laugh to keep from crying.

  • Rasar

    Finally someone who shares the same view point as me. I have told my children that If I was a good videographer I’d make a video about the reality of living in Chicago “hoods” and how scared little children are of these grown men who like to cause trouble in their homes and how they sometimes see too much violence and death at their young ages. I’d send the video to celebrities and ask them to promote it and maybe then these politicians would take a second look at our neighborhoods. We don’t need military intervention in Africa we need it here in our home! Children are not safe in their own backyards anymore!

  • windy city

    johnnie, as i see it, one of the biggest problems in the black community is the breakdown of the family structure. If you go back to the early 1960’s, almost 70% of black children were born to a mom and dad. Now the statistics are completely reversed. We all know the stats of children being born in broken homes. And we are seeing the same thing in the white community as last year almost 30% of children were born without a father at home. Many people want to marginized these facts and that is a shame because everything starts in the home. Yes racism exists and to a degree will probably always exist in some form. But I would love to see this country get serious about bringing children into the world. Too many kids born into drugs, poverty, violence and unstable homes. I also would like to see this country raise up 25,000 black male teachers and start some all black male academies in our inner cities that would give black youth strong role models and discipline. Finally, we need hundreds of vocational schools to be built in our inner cities to teach and train young men skills that can be used in the 21st century. Yes, we as a country need to come together and come up with a plan. I really think we can do it! The more black men succeed the better this country will be – just my two cents..

    • James

      We already have schools that are all black or predominantly black and mostly funded by white tax dollars because most blacks don’t pay taxes because of the earned income tax credit. If we had all white schools funded by blacks it would be called racist, but the other way is ok?

  • John

    If a white boy gets murdered, killed, burned, who comes forth and fights for him? Black gets shot, etc…..there’s the NAACP, black leaders, ministers, lawyers, Bobby Rush taking advantage if his “rights” …fire them all.

    • Percy

      @ John the POLICE and JUSTICE SYSTEM. that’s the whole point!!!!

  • Alvin

    So you wanna know why so many people are outraged about this? I got a simple explination. TRAYVON MARTIN’S KILLER IS FREE! There has been may murders here in Chicago but once they FIND the KILLER he is CHARGED AND CONVICTED OF THE CRIME!
    If you were following the story you would learn that Trayvon’s body was in the morgue for 3 DAYS before his PARENTS FOUND OUT ABOUT HIS DEATH!
    It sounds like the police were covering up this case.

  • lyndoalthage

    Very unwise perspective shared by the irrelevant Walter Jacobson who has been detached from reality since his unrealistic portrayal of a homeless man in his Mean Streets Diary. I find racism in the comments you have made Walter in the insensitivity to the reality of Police Brutality and Police Racism in this nation. Instead you want to white wash it with redirecting our attention to gang killings and black on black crime. What you fail to mention or be aware of is how the police act in this system of the drug and gang crime and how these police actions often in collusion with organized crime create more volatility in the neighborhoods. I shake my head and reiterate what a very poor perspective you have come to in this piece. .

  • Hater

    Maybe blacks should be more like George Zimmerman and take the time to patrol their own trash strewn, drug infested, crime ridden ghettos instead of worrying about what goes on in Fla.

    • urbantranslator

      Things understood need not be explained, the Trayvon Martin moment has become a movement known as Murder 2 Excellence, H.A.M. Generation, injustice anywhere against anybody regaurdless of race is injustice period. Go-online google Victor Vanecko, the victim’s name is David the cover-up is the same.

      Then go on-line google Murder to Excellence lyrics by Kanye West and JayZ, the question becomes why is it that they will not play this song on the radio stations

  • Centurion

    Trayvon Martin was not the victim of random violence. Trayvon Martin was not the victim of a drive-by shooting. Trayvon Martin was hunted down by George Zimmerman. That is why there is no additional rallies. The gang violence, the drivey-by, thats all standard faire in the black community from Miami, to Brooklyn, to Chicago, Detroit, Compton, South Central. it’s just the way it is. BUT, to be hunted down the way Trayvon was…so Zimmerman can get his LETHAL WEAPON THRILLS….is beyond a tragedy! Zimmerman has serious mental issues. He is a thrill seeker. One of this thrills, was the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of the kill. He got that way from watching cop shows. He wanted to be LETHAL WEAPON, he wanted to be Max Payne. This is a serious psychological issue, separating reality from fantasy.

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