Parents: Longer School Day Is Bad For Kids

CHICAGO (CBS) — Parents who oppose a longer school day at a Near North Side elementary school say a new survey shows what they’ve been saying all along.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Lisa Fielding reports, Skinner North, at 640 W. Scott St. in the old Cabrini-Green neighborhood, is a so-called pioneer school. It was one of the first to implement the longer school day.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Lisa Fielding reports

Parent Dolores Fischinger says according to a survey, the majority prefers a shorter school day.

“And the numbers actually showed that the majority of people did not want 7 1/2 (hours); wanted something less,” Fischinger said.

Fischinger says parents conducted their own survey, and found that 53 percent of parents say the longer day is detrimental to the child’s health and wellness.

Skinner North is one of 51 public schools that have already implemented the longer school day. The entire district will go longer when the news school year starts in September.

Fischinger says the parents will present their survey to the Chicago School Board this week.

Last year, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools chief executive officer Jean-Claude Brizard engaged in a public fight with the Chicago Teachers Union over the longer school day.

The union was infuriated when Emanuel and Brizard urged schools to break ranks with the union and go ahead with the longer school day on their own. The schools that complied received an extra $150,000 in funding from CPS, and teachers at the schools received $1,250 bonuses and 2 percent raises.

The union then sought an injunction to block the longer day from taking effect this year. Teachers Union president Karen Lewis argued that Emanuel and Brizard violated the union’s contract by allowing some schools to break ranks.

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  • ina

    no longer days!!

  • the rapture

    so the student cannot be in school for 7 1/2 hours a day – which means that they will not be able to adapt to a real life work day is 8 hours long

    so this parent is saying their kids are going to be working shorter days because they have the attention span of a idiot – nice going – train the next generation of unproductive us workers

    • Mr. Chips

      So what? We should train our children like your parents trained you; to be an insensitive lout who can not speak intelligently on a subject without namecalling, or use proper capitalization and punctuation?

  • Spookiest spook

    Kids need less time learning and more time loving.

  • John J

    I have the survey results. 70% of parents want a school day of 7 or 7.5 hours. A full 97% of parents want a longer school day.

    The Concerned Pioneer Parents group is grossly spinning the survey results, and CBS doesn’t even bother to find someone to counter Ms. Fischinger.

  • Kimberly B.

    CBS doesn’t have to find anyone to counter Ms Fischinger. The majority of parents wanted less than 7.5 hours. She said:
    “And the numbers actually showed that the majority of people did not want 7 1/2 (hours); wanted something less,” Fischinger said.

    That covers it.

    A real-life work day includes 1 hour lunch, 2 breaks, and time that’s self-directed with some kind of movement. That long time doesn’t translate the same for younger people. You all who are arguing for an inordinately long day don’t submit your children to such a day, but as usual, it’s easier to advise.

    • John J

      “You all who are arguing for an inordinately long day don’t submit your children to such a day, but as usual, it’s easier to advise.”

      How arrogant and ignorant of you Kimberly. You this how, exactly?

      Look at the headline, and explain how 97% of parents wanting a school day longer than the “current” 6 hour day translates to “longer school day is bad for kids.”

      I have the survey results. I’m guessing you do not.

  • special mom

    I was told by my son’s special ed teacher that my son will have a recess at the parking lot during longer school day. Yes, parking lot. His special ed classroom cannot have recess with regular children on playground because it will be too crowded and they do not have enough people to watch regular and special ed children.
    According to CPS parking lot is the least restrictive environment for my special needs son.
    I wonder if Mr. Emanuel children have recess on parking lot?

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