Aurora Woman Charged With Kidnapping, Sex Assault After Vanishing

AURORA, Ill. (CBS) — An Aurora mother now stands charged with kidnapping and sexual assault, after vanishing for a month with her three young sons and a former student.

Laureth “Laurie” May, 29, was being held on $500,000 bond at the Cook County Jail Thursday.

May was found on March 20 in Ft. Pierce, Fla., with her three small boys – Quincy Collins, 4, Oliver Collins, 2, and Spencer Collins, 1 – and her former student, Destiny Gruba, 17, of Cicero. None of them had been seen or heard from since Feb. 15.

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May had been fired from her teaching job, and got into a fight with her fiancé, Shelton Collins, on Valentine’s Day. Afterward, she hopped into her station wagon with their children and left the following day, apparently picking up Gruba on the way.

The Cicero girl is a former student of May, who was employed at Acacia Academy in LaGrange Highlands, in unincorporated western Cook County.

When they were found, Aurora police said they did not plan to file charges. But Cicero police thought differently.

They said their investigation found May engaged in sexual relations with an underage female student — whom police would not identify — while she was employed at the school. She began teaching the student, who was then 16, in September 2011, police said, and the relationship turned sexual in December.

The children are now with their father, who told the Aurora Beacon-News that he thought May’s bond was unfairly high, and that the allegations are out of character for her.

May suffered from post-partum depression and was unstable after losing her job, Collins said.

“She’s a good mother. A good fiancée,” he said.

“She had problems with alcohol. Three kids in four years. The economy. It’s a lot,” he added.

He said May was not thinking clearly when she took the children.

“She’s not in her right mind,” Collins said. “She needs her day in court.”

Collins said he has not seen May since she left Aurora with their sons. He flew to Florida to get the boys after they were found. He said the boys were in good health when he met them.

“The kids think they went on a vacation. But to me it (was) something totally different,” Collins said.

Collins said he does not believe May would have a sexual relationship with a student.

“I really don’t. Laurie’s the type of teacher who really got to know her students … but I don’t think it’s anything sexual,” he said.

May was charged with kidnapping and criminal sexual assault after the charges were approved by the Cook County State’s Attorney.

Police said May gave a full account of the events surrounding the multi-state travels with her three sons and the Cicero teen, as well as details of the relationship between her and a student. May waived extradition in Florida and was transported to Illinois last week.

The Aurora Beacon-News contributed to this report, via the Sun-Times Media Wire.

(Source: Sun-Times Media Wire © Chicago Sun-Times 2012. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

  • franz

    Sad, my ex wife put me throught the same hell-after having each kid she slipped further into depression and was ultimately diagnosed as being bi-polar

    Long story short, got custody of my kids, spent about $20,000 and she still doesn’t think she has a problem

    Oh, and she went on to have another kid, doesn’t think she is obligated to pay child support, still drinks and the drama goes on….

    • madashell

      And yes the world is a better place for having men running it????? PLEEEZE Men drive women to do stupid stuff then they are blamed, vilified and their lives are ruined. Women today have to carry the load around the house and the responsibility of a job. Men come home from work and do nothing to contribute to a family because the think the paycheck is enough. It is said if men had to take turns birthing children a family would only have two because the man would not be capable of dealing with birthing a baby

      • NWA

        Oh, why don’t you just shut up!



    • THEE Yard Ape

      My condolences franz. Atleast you have custody, and have done the right thing.

  • buttons

    @madashell…what a bunch of bs. To categorize all men that way is simply ignorance and anger on your part. I happen to have a man that comes home from work, offers to help with dinner, dishes and the kids. Get over your stigmas! This woman in the story obviously needs help. And also has to be held accountable for her actions.

    • madashell

      Just because you are fortunate does not mean most of the rest of women in this society are. Count your blessings – but don’t judge other women. To call other peoples misfortunes STIGMAS truly shows your myopic view of things. Yes this women obviously needs help. Why don’t you send your husband over to help her!!!!

  • buttons

    Whoa…you really are one angry bitter woman! Yikes!

  • buttons

    And for the record, I am not judging other woman. I am only responding to YOUR very judgmental view of men. Sounds very much like a stigma to me. Myopic or not.

    • madashell

      Yes i believe this is your OPINION. You are entitled. My career has me in contact with women from all sorts of socioeconomic levels. While I do my job I like to get to know each woman for who they are. From conversations over many years what you have is rare!!! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS but DO NOT JUDGE the others who OBVIOUSLY did not receive much support at home. ( support includes extended family of mother, sisters and brothers that can be lacking.) Sounds to me like a visceral response from you, something you need to talk about? Not bitter just a realist.

  • Malcolm636

    This is America. Birth control is NOT an option….

    • madashell

      Neither should viagra

  • franz

    @ madashell

    My ex wife left me (started banging someone else) before my little one’s 1st birthday-I had a target on my back and she channeled all her anger through me-It was my fault when she “was unhappy” I moved out and began paying child support at my own initiative and took my kids every weekend and on Wednesdays too-I only took action to get my kids when she began showing up drunk when picking up the kids (or not showing up at all) she always complained how tough it was to be a stay at home mom and complained about never having enough money even though I paid generously-

    Guess what-I am a single dad working full time, taking care of my kids, cooking and cleaning, doing homework, doing extra curricular etc. etc etc and I manage all just fine-she used to blab like you and tell me I couldn’t handle it-I DO HANDLE IT AND WORK TO SUPPORT US-SHE PAYS NOTHING AND GETS 1 HOUR OF VISITATION A WEEK AND USUALLY BLOWS IT OFF-I’m thinking that you are actually her-she talked the same BS and how she gave birth and that should be enough.

    Like her I think all it would take for you to get past your issues is one little pill a day! Oh by the way-she is on her 4th guy and she is still miserable-boo hoo:(

  • buttons

    Your above “name” says it all. Where oh where and I judging others??? You are completely misguided, and yes, very bitter. I would suspect most of these readers would agree. I happen to be very grateful for my life and my husband. Do not suggest otherwise. I happen to be in contact with women (and men) from all socioeconomic backgrounds as well. Our world is very diverse…and so are peoples prejudices. Very sad.

  • madashell

    Iam overjoyed you are grateful for your husband – cherish him. Where did I say you were not? How would you know I’am misguided from one article. Name generated from the fact I think society has fallen apart in general, The middle class is disappearing, FAMILIES in general are having a more difficult job in general. Our politicians are in it for themselves. decent Jobs have disappeared overseas. I think it does take a village to raise children but not in the “big brother clinton way” but in an extended family where there is warm and supprtive nurturing atmosphere. I applause Franz for his efforts. But I have found there is always more to the story than the news reports. News stations sensationalize news for the sake of profit. AND YES there are thee sides to the story.

  • Spookiest spook

    Nothing wrong with a little girl-on-girl action.

    • madashell

      Must have struck a nerve of truth for NWA. He/she /it wants to silence free speech.

  • buttons

    I say you are misguided by your first comment here on this thread. That’s all. Not by the article itself. I agree with the above where you stated that society has fallen apart in general, and that the middle class is disappearing. A sad state of affairs indeed.

    • madashell

      AND I will say it again most are not as fortunate as you, I repeat what other women experience and feel. I’am glad to have the right to vote, hold a job and own property BUT at one time we did not. DO YOU realize what denigration women went through to get it? For you! Men ran the country and still do.Tell me where I ann wrong on that fact. Please state the ratio of men to women in congress. Or in any other political top spot for any first world country i won’t even talk about third world countries. Women are still sold or in a disguised way promised to men in marriage in parts of the world. When the women resists the arrangement the are burned alive as punishment and to uphold the honor of the male. If my resistance to this type of world is misguided I therefore am proud to be misguided.

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    • non

      Lyndia, its honky, not honkey. I would think your black racist monkey azz would know better

  • righttrack

    Well, it’s obvious she swings both ways. 3 kids, not married to the father, and banging some student at the school. Wow !!!

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