1 Dead, 5 Wounded In Shooting At South Side Store

CHICAGO (CBS) — One man died and five others were wounded when two gunmen sprayed a convenience store with bullets Thursday evening in the south side Auburn-Gresham neighborhood.

The shooting occurred about 6 p.m. in a store on the 1400 block of West 79th Street. Father Michael Pfleger, of nearby St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church, said the business has been a “problem” site for years.

“That is a store that has been closed and reopened, closed and reopened, and we’ve been trying to get it closed forever,” he said.  “It’s a problem store and it’s a hangout store – a gang hangout store.”

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Roberts reports

Pfleger said he would press for the city and Ald. Howard Brookins Jr. to work with him to revoke its license.

It was another minister, Pastor Londale McNeal, who heard the gunfire, saw the getaway vehicle and dialed 911 as he ran to the store.

McNeal’s Greater Works Outreach Ministry is next door to the convenience store. He said he had just pulled away in the car, and hadn’t made it a block away to Loomis Street when he heard 10 to 12 gunshots ring out.

He said he turned around, saw two men in hoodies run to a waiting gray Chevrolet and saw it speed down a nearby side street.  Inside, he said, he found a terrible scene.

“Several of them were on the floor.  The others were scattered and trying to get out of the store because they’d been shot,” McNeal said.

Victims ranged in age from 16 to 25, authorities said.

Pfleger said there was nothing accidental about the shooting and called it “genocide.”

“This is crazy.  This is like a Third World country.  There probably wasn’t six people shot in Afghanistan today,” he said.

Pfleger and McNeal say gang activity in and around the store prompted Chicago police to install a camera atop a light pole directly across the street.  Both said they hoped the camera was working.

Pfleger also urged witnesses to come forward to him, so that he could relay the information to police.

“It’s six o’clock in the day.  People saw it,” he said.

Four of those wounded were transported in critical condition to either Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn or Stroger  Cook County Hospital.  The fifth victim was taken in good condition to Holy Cross Hospital.

More from Bob Roberts
  • G-Lep

    Ooo… dis be rite by Saint Sabina’s!!

  • THEE Yard Ape

    1 outta 5?? Disappointing!!

    • Corner Wino

      sure …close the store, you don’t like it…maybe time for your cult to move to jones town,…heck…the kool-aid vats are out for you…

    • G-Lep

      No, that’s 1 outta 6 actually. See, 1 plus 5 equals… oh, never mind.

      • Leroy Goldberg

        The action all week has been pretty good. I am excited for the weekend, hopefully someone will make a killing…LOL!!!

      • THEE Yard Ape

        You am correct smart @ ss!!! LOL !!!

  • Just Axin

    I wonder if the shooter was wearing a hoodie? Oops, looks like Hoth is not only on the DL, but he’s working on the DL by reporting my previous comments.

    • G-Lep


      • Just Axin

        G-Lep, Glad you’ve already forgotten that clown. One of Lyndia’s friends.

  • Civilized

    fvcklng animals!!!

  • Frank_Comments

    I hope all you S-holes saw the typos…if you know what a typo is: it’s like sticking your logic up your S.

    • g-man

      This is just a comment page NOT an Engkish test

  • shannon

    C R A Z Y ….sent them to Iraq if they want to kil each other

  • Reb Biker

    “White people, ugh!!!!!”

    Yep, if we’d murder each other by the dozens each weekend, we’d be a lot more civilized and respectful, huh?

    • G-Lep

      [Sarcasm] Well, after all, we White people are responsible for most violent crime, as well as the decline of civilization! [/sarcasm]

  • Wacky water weasel

    I hate to break it down to ya old vet but without this great city of Chicago where all the trillions of dollars of infrastructure and industry is , this state would be another cornfield and you would be starving woop woop.

  • Wacky water weasel

    Don’t forget the mass exodus g lap o. Coward’s !

    • Just Axin

      WWW- Any mass exodus was caused by people like you who choose to remain ignorant of what goes on in life. And Chgo a cornfield? I’d prefer cotton fields, thank you.

  • Just Axin

    G-Lep- How you know we white?

    • G-Lep

      I dunno about you, but Yard is.

  • Centurion

    Good idea Pflemer…BLAME THE STORE for the violence!

  • WetNurse

    Over a 112% increase in homeycides from the same month in 2011 and it isn’t even over yet.

    I wonder if McUseless and Rahmunist will come out and say all other crimes are down again.

  • James

    lyndia and nwa have been whooped.

  • Out Rage

    This is crazy. I hope they find all of them including the driver.

    Please send them my way. My electric chair is waiting on some gang buns to toast.
    come on hommie. Make my day.

  • Frank_Comments

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  • Law abiding citizen


  • Tom

    Good start to the weekend. I’m going with 4 and 15 between now and midnight Sunday.

  • Dawn

    Al? Jesse? I can’t hear you.

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  • dcm96

    “…two men in hoodies…”

    How racist! That witness should be charged with a hate crime!

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