Walter’s Perspective: Don’t Mess With Police Labor Negotiations

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mr. Mayor Emanuel of Chicago, Your Honor, Mr. Mayor: Tell me, tell me, please, you’re not serious.

You’re kidding, what you’re saying to the Chicago Police: that you may not sign or even negotiate a new contract because you’ve discovered a way to avoid it.

The mayor has found the police union missing a deadline for announcing its intentions to negotiate, an apparent mistake that allows him to deny the police a new contract, deny them a pay raise, take away their piddly uniform allowance and their stingy compensation for being always on call.

The mayor is not kidding. He says he may do it. And a confidant is quoted in the media saying the mayor is deciding whether to stick it in the ears of the rank-and-file.

Question is, why? The answer is: to spend less money so he can keep his election-campaign promise and brag about it.

Politics — which I understand.  But to nickle-and-dime the police at the expense of their morale and our safety? There’s no way to understand that.

  • tom sharp

    Gee Walter: You’ve finally figured out that Rahm is an anti-Union Democrat. Yet the nitwits in charge of the Unions will end up supporting Rahm and his corrupt party in November and next year. Why they do that should be the topic for your next “Perspective.”

    • Joann Butkus

      Emanuel is MORE CORRUPT than ANY previous administration! WHERE ARE THE FEDS? IN OBAMA’S OFFICE!!

  • Kelly

    Chicago’s Mayors hate their police force. And so do the Mayors’ police superintendents. Why?

  • Retired

    Just retire Skippy…

  • Wolf

    Why not …all the public sector labor agreements are an outright fraud on the backs of the taxpayers…the excessive staffing and compensation is irresponsible and the millionaire pensions are total fraud and robbery of the taxpayers…it is time to end this corruption and fraud…

    • Pamala E.

      What millionaire pensions? You must be referring to the politicians. Police and Firemen contribute a percentage of each check to our own pensions and they are well earned.

    • E M R L

      No fraud here except for the politicans and their friends! You don’t see a Policeman getting a $100,000 pension or a Fireman for that fact just the POLITICANS Most will end up with Half if lucky and we had to pay for it as REQUIRED by their law! Oh and we don’t get any social security! So next time you see a public school board member (appointed by Rahm) advocating a new charter school ask how much they made changing that school over, The company is owned by by several board members who do the conversons!

  • E M R L

    Dose Rahm want a fight he could loose and end up with egg on his face? How about we publish all the roll call sheets each day and show actually how many Police and Firemen are protecting the city in each district and who gets the most police service? Over 500 officers assigned to 7 and less than 200 in 16. How many shootings and MURDERS their actually are each day! To all the nay sayers and anti-police haters the next time you need help call your alderman and see how fast he or she comes to your aid without them asking who you voted for last election if they answer the phone at all!

  • Ever lived in Copville!!

    The policemen and firemen don’t get the big pensions? They steal from the system on the job. They do as teachers do. Pay me for doing little. To the good cops, don’t take it personal. We see you out there. As far as being in danger in the line of duty, I feel like we all should get paid for living in this dangerous City. Everytime we take down a thug we should get a paycheck. Lately we not only have to be careful of the criminals shooting at innocent citizens but the cops too!! Talk about trigger happy and drugged up. McCarthy, drug test your employees. You won’t because it’s going to make Chicago look even worse. Same goes for all the druggie teachers.

    • Logan

      Dozens of police officers submit to random drug screening every single day. == As for the pension, they pay at least nine percent of their paycheck into the pension fund before they ever see a dime in salary. By the way, the CITY has violated the law by refusing to pay their matching amount of money into the fund, so police are funding their pensions pretty much on their own. == In case you don’t know how this works, the pension fund invests the fund money and the pensions are paid out by the investment income. The City doesn’t pay police and fire pensions as you seem to believe. It is, however, failing to pay the legally mandated minimum amount into the fund., so they’re crippling the fund’s ability to make the investment income, which.DOES pay the pension checks of the people who have served the citizens of this city over their 30year careers. .

    • Pamala E.

      @ever lived, police are already required to submit to drug testing. Your point is moot.

    • B.P.

      You are not to bright of a person. Look at the top 500 people in the state recieving a pension and you will not see one policeman or fireman on that list clown. No one forces you to live in this city, if you dont like you can leave. Policeman do get random drug tests you goof.

  • Logan

    The mayor has now shown his true colors. He’s arrogant and he likes to “toy” with people.
    He wants to stick it in the ear (or whatever he really said) of the police? Would that also mean sticking it to the hugely expanded security detail he has chauffering and guarding his children, his wife and himself 24/7? Or the tripled security detail that guards his house 24/7?
    Does he want to stick it to the policemen who are shot, attacked and killed in the course of their service to the citizens of Chicago? Or just the ones who race from assignment to assignment during their shifts, saving people from all manner of violence and danger?
    Maybe he thinks this job of mayor is one big, fun, video game and we’re all just pawns in his game that ends with the reward of becoming President of the U.S.

  • saywhat3

    Maybe the police will stick it in his ear, NATO is coming Blu Flu?

  • Paul Johnson


    Walter we live in dark times when men in politics no longer respect the years of education and experience the Chicago Patrolmen put into their jobs. Some men see them as a financial burden to a budget. We diminish their value to Serve and Protect for the public good. We view these men and women who serve the public as an having an easy job.

    I for one stand with the men in Blue as a skilled tradesmen in Chicago and I respect that every time I needed a Cop they where there ready to do their JOB.

    I would ask that all of organized Labor stand with the Chicago Police.


  • kcuf mhar leuname

    And we as Police Officers do nothing about. All I want is out of this toilet of a city and off this turd of a department.

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