Volunteers March To End The Violence

CHICAGO (CBS) – Anti-violence activists walked door to door Friday night with a clear message.

About 40 volunteers — many were parents with their own stories of sorrow — gathered near 65th and Mozart. They put their feet to the pavement trying to stir someone’s memory about what happened to teens like Marvis Brown Jr., who was shot while standing on his porch with his dad.

Deshun Winfert was shot while sitting in a car with his father. Sixteen-year-old Deonte Malone were gunned down in December.

“Someone shot him on California. And he ran. He fell right here on this corner on the tree,” Natalya Malone, the victim’s mother, told CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.

A neighbor remembers the fear, but she and many others say they want to help make life safer on their block.

As the volunteers passed abandoned buildings, they hoped their personal approach would heal families’ lives shattered by the violence.

“It makes no sense for us to keep on walking down the street saying the violence needs to stop. We know the violence needs to stop,” Dawn Valenti of United for a Cause said.

Part of the group’s goal was to raise awareness that at least eight young people have been shot and killed near 65th and Mozart in the last six months.

Residents say they’ve found guns in their yards and they’re scared.

  • G-Lep

    Where was Father PHLEGMer? Didn’t he want his mug in the news again? I mean, gosh, it’s been almost a whole WEEK!!

    • THEE Yard Ape

      IF ANYONE would know where the bent-ear-bunny-race-baiting- @ ss hole am, it’s you!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • G-Lep

        Watch it, north-side sissy.

      • Reb Biker

        @THEE Yard Ape – How in the world can black people claim that slavery harmed them? Blacks should get down on their knees and thank God for American slavery. If it wasn’t for slavery, they would now be in the worst place on Earth to live; the horrendous sewer pit that we call Africa. Every black person in America DIRECTLY benefited from slavery. This face is unquestionable.

      • Lawn Statue of St. Anthony

        I’m temporarily changing my name, in honor of THEE Yard Ape!!

      • THEE Yard Ape

        LOL !!!! D@ mn straight north-side representing. 41st ward. The ONLY ward to vote NO on reparations for the shines that claimed they were descendants of slaves. Our old alderman Brian D. was man enough to stand in front of the tv crews and tell it how it be.

    • Sickened

      There is no violence any more in Chicago. Only weeks ago, McCarthy was on CBS new boasting how he’s got it under control with the new strategy from a book he read from New York. He even compared a week last year with 15 murders to this year with none. Sadly Jay Levine didn’t even challenge him on any of it, just saw a sparkle in his eye like a starstruck 14 year old girl on a movie star.

      In reality though, they want the carnage to continue to help further their anti-2nd Ammendment agenda throughout the state. That’s all they really care about seeing some new anti-gun bill just about every week.

  • Civilized

    Typical of CBS to block my comment b/c it makes since and we wonder why certain parts of this city are doomed.

  • Just Axin

    If you want to help, march on over and get yo tubes tied first!

    • †Lawn Statue of St. Anthony†

      Bless you, my son.

  • Army Vet,VN

    I remember when growing up in the 50””’s and 60’s 65th & mozart was a real nice neighbor hood what happen?? I guess we know,how pathetic ,I remember that old saying what ever they touch turns to s**t.and have they left a trail of that,but I know its are faulth.

  • Tom

    Thd good Father is in the bunker at his church preparing easter baskets containing trauma kits and bullet proof vests for his congregation.

  • Steve Bayne

    There is little to be accomplished by calling attention to violence we all know is taking place. What people should be marching for is to support cooperation with the police in matters of gang related violence.

    The adversarial relation with the police has to be put in perspective: the real adversaries are those who know no fear of the community’s cooperation with the authorities, because it barely exist. Brag about your tough neighborhood while you bury your children; but while you do so, give a thought to the future.

  • Lawn Statue of St. Anthony

    I don’t mind neighborhood marches, so long as nobody knocks me over!

    • Just Axin

      Lawn- Be careful as they will use you as a weapon.

      • †Lawn Statue of St. Anthony†

        I appreciate your warning. Bless you, my child.

      • †Lawn Statue of St. Anthony†

        Upon further reflection, the Lawn Statue of St. Anthony† (Peace Be Upon Him) wishes to ensure everyone that He will never permit Himself to be used for nefarious purposes. Bless you again, my child.

  • WetNurse

    Come on now, gotta break 50 before midnight.

    • †Lawn Statue of St. Anthony†

      Bless you, my child.




  • PG

    Well, since my original comment was deleted by the CBS “deny the truth” censors, I will restate it in a more PC manner.

    This is another useless march. While these people are chanting and waving their illegible signs, the bl@ck youth happily continue their self-genocide, as it proven by the constant stream of stories of black on black violence that this very website carry’s every day.

    • †Lawn Statue of St. Anthony†

      “Illegible signs” LOL!! Perfect. Dig the chick’s hair in the photo, too. She got that jacked up to Jesus!!

  • truth be told

    until people realize that parental guidance,hard work,and complete commital to raising children is the answer these act of violence in the minority communities
    WILL CONTINUE,but you will never hear a politcian or a police official say so.
    Bill Cosby is completely right in his speeches.

  • Poetry

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