Alleged Hit-And-Run Driver Caught After Fatal I-90 Crash

BELVIDERE, Ill. (CBS) — A suspected hit-and-run driver is under arrest after a fatal accident on Interstate 90 Monday morning.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports, Illinois State Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said a man was found lifeless next to his white pick-up truck on the shoulder of the road on eastbound I-90 near Genoa Road Monday morning.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports

A witness reported seeing the man hit by a semi that had the words, “Graphic Arts,” on its side.

Twenty minutes later, a state trooper caught up with the truck driver at a toll plaza 28 miles away and took him into custody.

A Lifeline helicopter was brought in to airlift the victim, but he died of his injuries.

So far, the victim is identified only as a 45-year-old man, and the suspect remains unidentified as he has not been charged.

  • monic88

    Give the truck driver 50 years…..he knows what he did was wrong. he did not stop and help him… he left him their all alone. without no help. he wanted to get away. their is no excuse. pay for your crime.

  • Spookiest spook

    No excuse, send the trashy truck driver away for good. Didn’t even stop.

  • samuel castaneda

    beto you qill be were such a wonderful person! you were the center of attention in our family parties, truck drive should be taken of the street!!

    • kevin 888888

      first of all we all know we all know it was a tragic thing, but what we do not know is how and why it happend, people need to realize that thier could be alot of differnt things that could have caused this accident, so untill we get all the facts lets relax, and to the people that think trucks need to be taken of the street, well think about this everything that you have and everything that you eat all your cars etc were brought by a truck. yes i am a truckdriver.

  • I90 passerby

    I don’t know who you were but I saw you yesterday morning walking around your truck. I can’t believe someone would hit you and leave you to die. It’s been playing (seeing you walk around your white truck & checking things out on the back) through my head since I heard about it. I commute everyday to work, I’ve seen numerous vehicles on the side of the road & for some reason I remember you & your truck so plainly. When I heard someone was found dead, I knew instantly that it was you. This senseless accident (or whatever you’d call it) occcurred moments after I passed you. You’ll never know how this has effected my life. All I thought of is what if he has a wife and/or kids. RIP!

  • Richard

    Yes this is tragic.

    There are few details in this article, so please don’t convict this truck driver without all the details. The first paragraph says the truck driver is under arrest while the last paragraph says the truck driver has not been charged. The image with this story is a “car crash generic graphic”. Hover your mouse pointer over the image and you will see the ScreenTip displayed. With all due respect, maybe a bit better reporting might be in order … and leave out the generic images on such a story so as to not sensationalize the story.

    I am a truck driver. I have no details of this incident except this article. I can only guess that if the victim was out of his vehicle along side the road, that the alleged offender may not have even known that he struck the victim. There are just too many unknowns in this article. Was it dark? Was it daylight? How close was the victim to the lane of traffic? What other traffic was around the alleged offender? The questions can go on and on. You get the point I hope.

    All I can stress is that PLEASE make room for the trucks to merge over when they signal a lane change. The truck drivers can often see situations far ahead that a car driver may not realize because the truck driver is sitting higher as compared to car drivers. If it is dark out, a flash of your headlights can help signal to the truck driver to go ahead and make the lane change. Although most drivers understand and respect trucks, too many do not.

    And to “I90 passerby” … maybe you should call the State Police. Maybe you can offer some additional insight.

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