Blagojevich’s Wife Complains About Sentence

CHICAGO (AP) — Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s wife has questioned her husband’s 14-year sentence compared with a ten-day term the same judge handed to an ex-Blagojevich aide.

In a recent Facebook posting, Patti Blagojevich says she “can’t help but wonder what planet we are on” where one person gets ten days and another 5,110 days.

She also asks, “How do you explain that to your children?”

Judge James Zagel sentenced former Blagojevich chief of staff John Harris last week on one count of conspiracy to commit bribery for helping Blagojevich try to sell President Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat.

Zagel cited Harris’ decision to cooperate with prosecutors, including testifying at Blagojevich’s two trials.

Blagojevich faced more numerous allegations and jurors eventually convicted him of 18 counts.

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  • Me

    She has a point…something fishy about only 10 days…but its 1 count of conspiracy v 19 counts of conspiracy and other things….

    It should be more than 10 days. I feel the 280-300 days per count Blago got is about right.

    • Pimp Daddy

      ho…better shut her mouth and put them fishnets on and get that fatti patti with the potty mouth out there and make pimp daddys money,….bet “rod” is dropping the soap in the shower,….right pretty boy.

    • LYNDIA

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • zatso

    She should keep her mouth SHUT, and be happy that she wasn’t indicted, tried, found guilty and spending time in prison herself.

    And, don’t bring up that kid stuff. The kid defense may apply to normal families of which this money grabbing patti doesn’t belong to!


    • LYNDIA

      Why should she keep her mouth shut? We all enjoy first amendement rights.

  • Chuck

    Maybe because he didn’t go and run his lying mouth to every media outlet he could. I guess to judge didn’t like Rod attempting to put him on the spot. Next time Rod calls out the FBI maybe he will think twice. And I agree with what zstso said to be good information for her.

  • Steve

    If Rod would have confessed to what he did instead of dragging the state through two trials and making the state spend millions of dollars while he professed his innocense, he might be sitting with a significanlty reduced sentence.

    And the way to explain it to the girls is to explain that Daddy is in a ‘time-out’ for bad behavior. She should have been so worried about what the girls would think when she was collaborating with her husband for a job (on top of everything else they were trying to extort).

    • LYNDIA

      Confess for something that never took place? BS. PLAY ALL OF THE TAPES.

  • iris

    Patti, how do you explain to your children that their father won’t be there to watch them become teenagers, he won’t be part of the most crucial years of their lives. Won’t be there for their gradations, proms or all those important events in a young girls life when Daddy says “I’m so proud of you”. Yes 14 years is a bit harsh, I really feel for the children. The consequences of the choices we make can really be painful in the end. Not worth it.

    • sickened

      Sorry but I don’t feel for the kids. They’ll still have more than most kids, Mel will see to that.

      Patti, you shouldn’t complain. You should be in the hole same as your crook husband.

      • LYNDIA


      • Cynic

        Judging by the way she was talking on a couple of the tapes, she was the main force behind Blago trying to sell the seat….conspiracy should be for ALL involved.

      • Sickened

        Wasn’t Rod lining up a cushy high pay job Federal job for her?

        Maybe the 14 years will discourage the next Govenor from being a crook but Democrats don’t believe what they do is wrong, only SOP.

  • Silver

    Harris new the formula and direction for staying out of jail, unfortunatly Rod’s ego directed him on the highway of a 14 year term, with the assistance of the Adams family and company.

    • Corner Wino

      now that fatti patti won’t be getting porked…maybe sis…will take her to the lezzie’s bar and get her turned out…..after all you know they “rodding” rod out…….

  • non

    Awwwww. Boo Hoo




    hey patty….WE ARE ON PLANET EARTH! Does that help with your confusion.

  • Larry Horse's Arse Horse's Arse

    My advice to Patty is to stop whining and start going out dining and 69’ing so she can get over jailbird faster. It’s only a matter of time before this starts getting tapped elsewhere.

  • Courious

    stiil BS,what about Daley,Berrios and others???dont thiks so he is only one bad guy in Illinois!!!

  • louie

    Before you know it he`ll be out how time flies when you`re having fun in the joint yr 2022

  • saywhat3

    That judge was an a@@, all Blago did was run his mouth.

    • Frank_Comments

      Yes, saywhat3, and the punishment for diarrhea of the mouth is apparently 14 years is prison. The Judge did his job. The ONLY PERSON TO BLAME is the BLAGO-IDIOT.

  • da truth,over by dere

    i have no pity for any of these politicians,they are all corrupt in some way!

  • Frank_Comments

    Damn, I just saw Patti’s photo. HOT.

  • zatso

    CBS is censoring patti comments with “POSTING TOO QUICKLY” again


  • zatso

    White House resignation at 10 o’clock news.

    Patti-poop kind of lavish affair in Vegas that didn’t stay there.

    Next week, she’ll blame BUSH.


  • Frank_Comments

    To zatso: you can’t post too quickly, you have to post, then repost, SLOWLY, very slowly, then repost with CAPS, then repost with lower case letters, then REPOST QUICKLY…..that is what the censor look for, and need.

  • malcom

    calm down . Everyone knows Nobama will pardon him. And besides he is living better than all those homeless people who didn’t commit a crime. I’m sure he has his own cell, tv radio etc. not to mention hot food and showers.

  • Centurion

    Alright, who wants to see Patty and Lyndia go at it with some whip creme?

  • bobhamiltonchicago

    One of those guys actually was guilty but denied it 5,000 times on national TV while the other was actually innocent but plead guilty and told the truth on the witness stand. Blago’s sentence is too short when the entire scope of his crimes is considered, even though he is a mental case.

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  • marc(proud black man)

    Rod’s sentence was plain and simple totally unfair!!!!! Yes he was guilty,but you can kill a person in this country and you won’t get or serve as much time as Rod is going to serve.

    Ryan, takes part in a scheme that results in the death of a couples entire family,and he gets less than HALF the time of Rod. Yeah,right and you really believe this was a fair sentence.

  • Out Rage

    Hey Patti. Since Rob is going to be lock up for some time. I’m really sure he’s enjoying dropping the soap in the shower.

    I know that it’s unfair but when you need your pipes redone just call me. I’m good at laying pipes! Really i am!

  • Spookiest spook

    Patti’s soon gonna be the Freakiest Freak. You watch and see.

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