Secretary Of State: Rep. Smith Not Stepping Down Because He Needs Money

CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is renewing his call for indicted state Rep. Derrick Smith (D-Chicago) to step down, and says the lawmaker would have done so if not for the paycheck.

As WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports, Gov. Pat Quinn, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and White – who had Smith appointed to a vacant state House seat – have all asked Smith to resign following his federal bribery arrest.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports

White says Smith probably hasn’t resigned because of money.

“He’s concerned about having employment. I think he’d step down tomorrow, or today, if he had a job,” White said. “But the other question is, who would hire him?”

The job of Illinois state representative pays $65,000 per year. White believes Smith needs the regular paychecks.

“I think not only the next one, but paydays to follow until his time is up,” White said.

White says he will not be issuing a recommendation for Smith again, and Smith will have to get his next job Smith on his own.

Smith won the Democratic primary for re-election to the 10th District last month, a week after he was arrested on charges of taking a $7,000 bribe in exchange for his endorsement of what he thought was a daycare center’s state grant application. The daycare center itself was real, but the owner Smith was allegedly trying to help was fake, part of a sting by the FBI.

On March 2, Smith provided the aide with an official letter of support for the daycare owner to obtain a $50,000 Early Childhood Construction Grant from the state’s Capital Development Board. In return, during a recorded meeting this past Saturday, the aide gave Smith $7,000 in cash, purportedly from the fictional daycare owner, according to federal prosecutors.

Smith has not made any public statements since his arrest.

  • THEE Yard Ape

    This fuking shine just won’t leave!! Axe him to step dpwn!!?? Throw him out of office. Unbelievable!

    • Milton Abernathy

      Throw him out and tape his tail down so he’s unable to latch on to anything.

  • April

    Yes he should step down before we have another blago trial.

    • Hoth Industries

      April, April, April… you had a brain tumor for breakfast, correct? Blago had a trial, two in fact, sentenced, and in prison; how, please explain… wait. no. don’t explain how we would or could have ANOTHER Blago trial.

      • Just Axin

        Hoth- As usual, you insist on trying to insult people, especially those that are not deserving. April is not suggesting that Blago be retried, simply that we don’t want to endure another politician on trial. Almost every time you make a post you show what kind of person you really are.

      • Holy Hoth Industries

        POS Just Axin… so you’re like an Idiot Whisperer! Wow. Translating the glaringly obvious. SAH-WEET!

  • zatso

    Give him an IOU

    The state of Illinois is not paying its’ bills.

    Idiot people putting up with this POS.

    Also, the idiots that voted for him, go kneel before madigan for guidance and knowledge.


  • Just Axin

    Hey, Jesse you jer k off, just give him another job.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    He needs money?? You mean he already isn’t collecting a welfare check like the rest of them do?

  • tom sharp

    Hey Tumbling Coach: Jesse Jackson Jr., Dorothy Brown, John Madigan and at least a half dozen other Democrats are known felons in office, where’s your outrage there?

    • zatso

      Don’t besmirch John Madigan’s name with Michael Madigan.


      • tom sharp

        Sorry Zatso, after a while they all look alike!

  • louie

    First smart comment i heard from a politician” I NEED THE MONEY” don`t worry GOV QUINN will hire you to a better position and more money make sure you negotiate with the gov tell him you want a better paying job and less work

  • Centurion

    If anyone else, in any other industry were to be arrested for bribery, theft and such, he would be FIRED! ONLY IN ILLINOIS can a black politician commit a crime and still keep his job. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET RID OF THESE LOWLIFES? oh YEA, I forgot….a Drive-by

    • zatso

      You hit it on the HEAD!

      Now only, if we could get it through the coconut head legislators.

      We need a BROSON revival.




    • THEE Yard Ape

      I see Lyndia is exhibiting the TYPICAL NI @@ ER way of thinking.

    • LYNDIA


    • Just Axin

      Lyndia- He can get a check until a decision is made. How funny that you are taking sides of color in a corruption case. This shows what you are made of-trash.

  • Our Most Holy and Exquisite Espresso Bean of the Immaculately Intelligent St. Hoth

    Lyndia, you have now earned the apt title of the lowest, smallest POS on the WBBM’s comment sections. You are the little organism that feeds on the turds stuck to the @sshairs of the higher-form POSs like Thee Yard Ape, Just Axin, et al. You constantly and epically fail to give adequate examples of Caucasian crimes when attempting to compare them to Black-on;Black crimes, or any other committed Black crimes for that matter, CONGRATULATIONS teeny, tiny, POS!

  • zatso

    So nice to see that Mrs Idi amin is commenting this evening ad F ing her bros & Hoes again.


  • righttrack

    It’s obvious that homey needs money – why else would he have accepted the bribe in teh first place ??? Get him out of office now !!! Back to the ghetto with the rest of the trash !!!

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  • Sabrina

    Racism rears it’s ugly head again!!! I am sure if he was not black, most of these comments would not have been made. Well to all of you who feel the need to call N@@@@@@”s and speak of the ghetto, go back to your trailers with your inbred parents, your inbred children, and your your ignorance becuase that;s all you have. You are not worthy of licking the bottom of the State Rep’s shoes!!!! Also by the way, go and get your daughters because I am sure they are “IN THE GHETTO” with their black boyfriends!!!! HAHA

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