Walter’s Perspective: Where Are NCAA Coaches’ Manners?

CHICAGO (CBS) — Like 70 million other people, I sure was into March Madness, glued to the TV. There was so much to see – the skill and excitement, and so much at stake, so much emotion.

The pressure, and the tension in the faces of the coaches. John Calipari of Kentucky, his eyes on fire. He’s on fire; can’t stand it when his players make mistakes. He’s furious. He’s lashing out.

Coach Calipari had a $150,000 personal bonus riding on his team in the Final Four, a $350,000 personal bonus riding on the NCAA Championship game, in addition to the $8 million he’s being paid each year in salary and endorsements.

Maybe that’s why coaches fly around on TV, spitting, and screaming, and picking on their players, shaming and embarrassing those kids.

What I missed on TV – and of course will never see – is a coach being embarrassed for mistreating the kids.

  • zatso

    When did they play the game?


    Walter is this what you consider current events?

    With the world ,city, and Nation in the shape it is, you have this for a perspective?

    Money, greed, boorish behavior all over the world and you pick a BB game to rag on.

    Bet you miss the good old days, like being a bat boy, running around the capitol building in Springfield, and being a bum.

    Well, your an OLD MAN, RETIRE and open up the job market.


  • civilized

    Walter, please go push daisies already. If it wasn’t for coaches like Calipari some of these players wouldn’t be where they are or in a position to make something of themselves. A little screaming and embarrassment can sometimes be the best motivation. I wish some of the kids on the southside and westside had someone yelling some sense into them every once in a while.

  • Smooth

    Finally someone is addressing one of the big issues of America !!!!! Greed, Self glorification, Power, Fame, and $$$$. 8 million a year income and 500K in bonuses for winning championship. Appears we know where the coach’s incentive is from. Worshiping sports, winning, and the fame of those associated with these teams, individuals is exactly why this country is in the shape we are in, whether it be sports, business, politics, and even our lawmakers. We are in big troubel morally.

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