Durbin, Environmentalists Urge Federal Limits On Fossil Fuel Use

CHICAGO (CBS) — U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and an environmental advocacy group are urging people to do something about climate change while they still can.

Durbin and the group Environment Illinois issued a report Wednesday on serious weather changes produced by global warming.

“It’s obvious something is happening here and we’re fools to ignore it. We need to step up to the reality,” Durbin said. “The warming of our climate is changing our weather patterns; in many respects, for the worst. We’re seeing more extreme weather.”

The senator joined Environment Illinois director Max Muller and University of Chicago geophysicist Raymond Pierre-Humbert in urging Illinois residents to do everything possible to battle climate change, including supporting federal legislation to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles and new power plants.

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They spoke alongside Lake Shore Drive, where hundreds of motorists were trapped overnight by last year’s Groundhog Day blizzard, only two weeks before flooding of the Mississippi River forced evacuation of the entire town of Cairo.

Muller and Durbin acknowledged the two tragedies alone aren’t a trend, but they said the entire report by Environment Illinois shows just how extreme our weather is becoming.

Environment Illinois said in its report entitled “In the Path of the Storm” that 97 percent of Illinois residents live in counties that have been hit by weather-related disasters since 2006. Cook County alone has experienced four federally declared weather disasters in that time.

The study also found that the U.S. has seen an increase in heavy precipitation events and that, last year, Texas experienced the hottest summer (June through August) ever recorded in any U.S. state.

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Pierre-Humbert said, “Science is clear on the fact that the more we pump out carbon pollution from fossil fuels, the hotter it’s going to get.”

He acknowledged the region’s spring has been nice, but said the larger long-term picture isn’t as pretty.

“When this happens in the spring, maybe it doesn’t feel so bad, but when we’re suddenly faced with a typical summer having 60 days over 95 degrees or 100 Fahrenheit, that’s not going to seem so great,” Pierre-Humbert said.

The professor joined Durbin and Environment Illinois in urging passage of federal regulations to limit fossil fuel use by vehicles and power plants.

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  • Frank

    Leave it to dumb ass Durbin and a bunch of Liberals to head in the wrong direction. We need to increase our supply. The altenative fuels are most likely decades away from taking the place of fossil fuels.

  • Cynic

    There is NO proof that humans are increasing the temperature of this planet. The temperature increase over the past couple decades is well within the norms that a post-glacial age would experience.

    If Durbin truly wanted to do something, tell him to stop flying back everywhere on a personal jet…fly commercial with everyone else and also to stop driving (chauffeured in) the gas guzzlers he’s always seen in.

  • Wolf

    Based on what scientific evidence…1500 years of Carbon Data already has shown the Climate Change arguments a total hoax and fraud…is this another fraud like the CO2 Pollutant claim by the EPA…after all CO2 is the essence of life on this Planet…how long will these lies keep coming from the criminals in the public sector…

  • Don't like liberals

    There Durbin and his liberal friends go again… spouting off with no proof what so ever.

  • louie

    He`s suffering from AL GORE syndrome climate control they should practice what they preach flying around in their private jets their mouthes are full of DIARRHEA another RIP-OFF they will make millions off this farce

  • franklin808

    I just bought a Chevy Volt and do not use any fossil fuels. In addition, I get a tax credit of $7500 from the federal government and $4000 from the State of Illinois. It is easy to save the planet, even if I don’t really need the money.

    • Cynic

      Congrats franklin….you’ve bought a vehicle that uses 4 times the resources to make and is outright toxic when the battery dies and needs replacing in 5-6 years.

      Its a trade off…do you personally want to the the fossil fuel user or just use the results of the fossil fuel spending.

  • tom sharp

    The real “hot air pollution” is coming from the mouths of the Democrats; especially those in Illinois: They support criminals for public office, they appoint incompetent family and friends to key positions in the public sector, and they blame everything wrong on someone else even though they control the majority in most votes.

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