‘Smart Meter’ Installations Generate Health Concerns In Naperville

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (CBS) — It’s a multi-million dollar plan one suburb says will save money and time.

The “smart grid initiative” is already under way in Naperville, with workers installing high-tech electric meters in thousands of homes.

But one group of residents is saying no to the plan, and they’re angry with the city.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.

“I feel angry. I really feel like the city does not care,” resident Maggie Wood says.

She says she had signs up on her property saying she did not want Naperville’s new smart utility meter. But workers installed it, anyway.

She’s one of many residents upset Naperville is installing some 57,000 new digital utility meters.

City officials say the new meters will benefit consumers.

“What we’re doing with our Smart Grid Initiative Project is taking an old, aging infrastructure and utilizing to create more efficiency, more reliability, more dependability,” city spokeswoman Nadja Lalvani says.

But a group called Naperville Smart Meter Awareness disagrees. They say the program is being pushed on them without regard for their safety or privacy.

“I own the house, so I should be able to say what goes on my house,” resident Kim Bendis says.

The group says the meters continuously transmit information on energy usage, using radio frequency signals that they say could threaten their health and security.

“Knowing these risks, is that something that we should have to incur on our families?” Bendis says.

The city says its plan lives up to federal security requirements and it has tested the devices for safety.

“One would have to sit in front of their smart meter for 100 years to receive the equivalent radio frequency emission from a three minute cell phone call,” Lalvani says.

But that may not be enough for residents watching the meters get installed without their permission.

The city says it has had meetings, and sent out notices telling residents when to expect the new meters. And an alternative meter that doesn’t send a constant signal is being offered to those who have health concerns.

  • SamIAm

    Technophobes with no real technical knowledge.

    • http://ny9solyndra.wordpress.com NY9Solyndra

      They’re neo-Luddites.

  • G-Lep

    uh-oh. It’s the first step of the GUBBER-mint tellin’ us how much juice we can use, and when we can use it. I knew this day was comin’

  • Crowyoda

    Exposure from radio signal way less than output from a 19″ plasma TV. BUT… !! $60 worth of parts from Radio Shack and a 5 year old cell phone and your home can be “patterned” so anyone can tell if and when you are home or not. Go with the offered alternative or get a security system!

  • Mikey

    And this groups website doesn’t even work? What are you growing that you don’t want the village to know about? The safety card really is not useful as an argument based on cell phone radiation data. Better throw those out ASAP if you are worried about smart meters! LOL

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  • jonaperville

    Why don’t we all just ignore the fact that adding 57,000 “smart” meters to our electric grid, adds 57,000 points of entry for virus’, worms’, and other malware to enter the powergrid system. The head of the CIA has stated it’s not a question of IF but WHEN, someone breaches the powergrid and shuts the whole thing down. Let’s make it as easy as possible for them. Maybe you people haven’t heard of Stuxnet. With Stuxnet as a “blueprint” downloadable from the Internet, he says, “any dumb hacker” can now figure out how to build and sell cyberweapons to any hacktivist or terrorist who wants “to put the lights out” in a US city or “release a toxic gas cloud.” Robert Lagner, the man who discovered Stuxnet.

    • http://ny9solyndra.wordpress.com NY9Solyndra

      Stuxnet was aimed at nuclear centrifuges, which if messed with could actually do some damage.

      Are you really worried that The Enemy is going to infect your blender with malware causing it to chase you around your house (and somehow accomplish this feat through a system that reads your data but can’t change anything in your home)?

  • glimmerbeads

    Let me add a few more facts and points:
    Those residents, like myself, which want teh digitial option, but would actually prefer to keep the current analog meter we have that works fine, 1) The new meters allegedly cause fires; 2) To have a digital option installed a resident has to pya $68.35 one time PLUS $24.75 MONTHLY GOING FORWARD for the billing option because its NOT WI-FI.

    Then, in the future, the utility will be telling you and comparing you to your neighbors, like COM ED is already doing in Oak Park, Illinois, (I have redacted letters as proof) as a part of the first cities on this “Smart” Grid Initiative.

    These utilities have to pay for Peak or Peaker Pants outside their systems when there is an over-usage. However, the peaker plants never get used to capacity so the utilities incur charges. They then, later on, after we are ALL on the grid system, they will be able to tell people ugh, you are using OVER your monthly CONSUMPTION amount we bill you for, and they will be able to SHUT YOUR ELECTRICITY off.

    This is CHEAPER for the utilities not better for the environment or system. Come on WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    When these smart meters are on, they emil radiation as normal as a cell phone. HOWEVER, when they begin transmitting, the transmissions I have seen on U-tube, have gone over 1000. Even one meter shown to be tested on the City of Naperville’s web site as recently as LAST THURSDAY SHORTED.

    These devices are NOT SAFE. They violate peoples privacy and with new appliances having these new built-in transmitters, the utilities will now KNOW what appliances a resident uses.

    Do they really need to know that much? THINK PEOPLE.

  • glimmerbeads

    Oh and the Smart Grid Awareness Group has filed a FEDERAL lawsuit against the City of Naperville. I am not an attorney but my understanding is, a governmental body cannot, under federal law, use its POWER against a resident as they are doing in this smart grid initiative. It is not a private entity and not regulated like a private company, like Com Ed, which is regulated by the Federal Government. So this is a problem.

    Also, NAPERVILLE RESIDENTS need to write a cease and desist letter to the City Manager, that they do not want the meter. This is the only way they will honor the request until the lawsuit is finalized. Otherwise, the installers are being illegally told to jump fences, if you will.

    Pay attention and go and google Naperville Smart Grid Awareness to get more details and info.

  • http://ny9solyndra.wordpress.com NY9Solyndra

    Reading this article on a desktop or laptop computer just exposed you to more electromagnetic radiation than you’ll get in a year from your smart meter.

    • glimmerbeads

      Sure, when the laptop or cell phone is on, it runs at a number of between 3-6 (and forgive me, im not a scientist so I dont know all the lingo) but between 3-6 electromagnetic levels. When the meter then EMITS a signal, over 1,000 times per MINUTE (which why does it need to be sent that often? Ridiculous) but when it emits, the levels go way over a safe level of under 10 to 1,000 electromagnetic levels. This is not safe for people nor does it help the enviroment, in fact, there is NO proven facts or tests that prove it is safe. SHOW US THE PROOF. NONE.

      Are you one of these individuals that jumped on the bandwagon that said OH CABLE TELEVISION IS GREAT…NO COMMERCIALS! Well, guess what, television is no longer free AND WE STILL HAVE COMMERCIALS! IDIOTS!

      So, those of you that are running to Sirrious radio and the like, do your really think you are going to get your money’s worth when free radio goes away because people like you, pushed it to cost something? I think YOU better start thinking.

      These smart meters are a joke and to tell people if they want a digitial option, they will have to pay a fee of almost $70 PLUS $24.75 a month more for the option is another IDIOCY!

      So YOU better think about it.

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