Family Sues On Behalf Of Woman Shot Dead By Off-Duty Detective

CHICAGO (CBS) — The family of a 22-year-old woman killed by bullets from the gun of an off-duty police officer has filed suit against the city and the officer who fired.

As WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports, police initially said Rekia Boyd, of the 1500 block of South California Avenue, was killed when Detective Dante Servin fired to protect himself from another person approaching his car with a gun.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports

Attorneys for Boyd family say the only gun at the scene was the one fired by the police officer.

Boyd’s brother, Martinez Sutton, says justice will be the only peace now for the family.

“Just watching that news story about the 22-year-old woman that got shot in the head, I’m like, ‘I feel sorry for that family,’” Sutton said emotionally, “and come to find out that we were the family that it happened to.”

The attorney for the family, James Montgomery, says he believes the City of Chicago might make a settlement offer rather than bring the case to trial.

Meanwhile, a memorial service for Boyd was held this past Tuesday. In the bulletin for the service, she was described as “a very loving, caring, beautiful, intelligent young lady. She carried a bold, contagious smile that showed she was full of life. She truly adored her family and friends. Rekia enjoyed listening to music, singing, and hanging out with family and friends.”

Boyd’s sisters, Tasha and Ikca, and a cousin, Tasia, each wrote remembrances that were included in the bulletin.

Cousin Tasia’s poem read in part: “I’m glad she feels no pain, now she lives in a perfect land / I can still feel the soft touch on my shoulder of her loving hand / I lie in bed and cry at night / And I don’t feel any better in the morning light / And I will love and miss her forever / until the day we are again together.”

Police said around 1 a.m. March 21, the off-duty detective was pulling out of an alley in his car off the 3100 block of West 15th Place in the North Lawndale neighborhood, when he came across four people who were being loud and rowdy on the street.

Police say the detective rolled down the window of his vehicle to investigate, and saw a man approach him with a handgun, then allegedly point it at him.

“(He) rolls the window down and says, ‘Hey guys, keep the noise down.’ At that point, one of the offenders comes at him as he’s sitting in his car. The offender has a weapon in his hand. The officer announced he’s police – ‘Drop the gun! Police!’ The offender continues to advance on him,” Chicago Fraternal Order of Police spokesman Pat Camden said. “At that point, the officer fires, in fear of his life.”

The man who allegedly had the gun – Antonio Cross, 39 – survived a gunshot wound to the hand and now stands charged with misdemeanor assault. Boyd was shot in the head and was later pronounced dead.

  • Alabaster White

    This is what THEY live for. The opportunity to sue. The opportunity to get something for nothing.

    THEY would never consider earning money. THEY are happiest with their ill-gotten gains.

    • duh

      You are very racist

      • Reb Biker

        @ duh – I agree. Lyndia is very racist.

    • Lyndia

      Didn’t they just settle for 8.5 million dollars for a baby that was killed in the hospital? Was that an ill gotten gain? You people operate by using double standards!!!

      • Centurion

        The baby was not a crackhead attacking a cop!

  • Just Axin

    And they’ll also be happy with an $8 million payout to settle before it goes to trial. After all, all those lost years of productivity………

  • Hollywood Division

    As long as Dante left the scene breathing it was a great day!

  • R u serious

    Why should they not sue when an innocent life has been taken unjustifiably! Would it be different if it were a white family?

    • ucr

      innocent my butt,

      • Lyndia


  • ......Yeah, RIght.....

    ….I like this Yard Ape guy…he’s probably some fat slob that when you see him in public he couldn’t even look you in the eye…lol……

    • LOL

      What do you expect? He calls himself an APE…I agree.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      It would be hard to look you in the eye with my foot on the back of your head. Ever see that great scene from American History X tough guy??

      • G-Lep


  • ......Yeah, RIght.....

    That police story is B.S whoever advised him to used that as a defense was a moron..F.O.P could of did better than that….So this guy walks up to your car displaying a gun (no gun never found) then he keeps walking up to your car with a gun after you announced yourself as the police..and you shot him before he shot you…(very funny)…sounds like you already had your gun out ready to shoot…if somebody is bold enough to walk up to a police with a gun, then i would guess he’s bold enough to shoot at you….then you let the guy go the following day charging him with only a misdemeanor….. I guess when the city of Chicago is tired of paying out bring lawsuits, they might encourage the police to protect and serve….no matter what the ethnicity is…..

    • NWA

      The guy had a cell phone…. didn’t that happen before? So, what is it with the po po and, African-American women and cell phones?


      • Reb Biker

        Heck, to take it one step further, African American women can’t drive, PERIOD! They’re the worst drivers on Earth!

      • Reb Biker

        @ NWA – All joking aside, I’ll tell you one thing about “African-American women and cell phones” that is a fact. When African American women are talking on cell phones, they can’t drive worth a dammm!!!

    • tcbdefense

      You don’t know what you are talking about…the police officer was out in front of his own home…next to a parkway where undesirables meet to smoke pot and drink md20-20..there has been a history of disorderly conduct in the area from people outside the neighborhood…Simple question what was the innocent Boyd doing in that neighborhood at that time of night…She was not going to church.


  • ......Yeah, RIght.....

    In the police first statement they didn’t even say anything about a cellphone…the police officer said he ‘had a gun”….the cellphone story came about after the woman dead…sounds like the F.O.P coached the officer on that one…

  • Shawntay Rosenberg
  • Malcom

    they should sue. If anyone else accidently shoots someone the cops arrest them. Cops should have to stand trial when they murder people too. Accident or not!

  • Matt M

    how come 80% of everyone who comments on cbs stories are racists? It’s crazy…. who cares what color she was….A person was shot and killed by a police officer. An investigation is warranted, regardless of the situation.

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