Judge Allows Special Prosecutor In Deadly Fight Involving Mayor Daley’s Nephew

CHICAGO (CBS) — A special prosecutor will investigate a politically charged, fatal fight involving a nephew of retired Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Cook County Judge Michael Toomin issued the ruling Friday after the reopening of the case was  pushed by the family of David Koschman and other critics of the original investigation.

Early on the morning of April 25, 2004, Koschman reportedly had a confrontation with Daley nephew Richard “R.J.” Vanecko outside a bar in the Rush and Division Street nightclub district. The quarrel allegedly prompted Vanecko to punch or push Koschman, who hit his head on the ground and died 12 days later.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Lisa Fielding reports

“I hope I can finally get some justice for David,” Nanci Koschman, the victim’s mother, told reporters.

Investigators initially determined Vanecko punched Koschman in self-defense. But as WBBM Newsradio’s Lisa Fielding reports, Judge Toomin was critical of the way Chicago police and the Cook County State’s attorney handled the investigation.

“The system has failed David Koschman up to this point,” the judge said. “There is an appearance of impropriety.”

“When you have a dead body, someone’s going to jail,” he continued. “Not in this case. This is a fiction of self defense.”

The judge, however, rejected claims that Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez was too close to Daley, her former boss, to run a fair investigation.

“I will always follow the evidence and the law wherever it leads, without any influence from anyone,” Alvarez said in reaction to Friday’s decision.

Koschman’s death was ruled a homicide. A series of stories in the Chicago Sun-Times led police to re-examine the case but no one was ever charged.

Detectives reportedly determined Koschman was the aggressor, based on witness accounts. But those witnesses later said they never told police Koschman was the aggressor.

Alvarez’s office also declined to press charges, saying there was not enough evidence to sustain criminal charges against Vanecko. But last year, Alvarez did ask Illinois State Police to examine the Chicago Police investigation.

Koschman’s family’s petition for a special prosecutor noted irregularities in the investigation, including false official reports and a case file that went missing, and says the investigation might have been influenced by Vanecko’s relationship to Mayor Daley. The petition said the irregularities require an independent investigation.

The Better Government Association had filed an amicus brief in the case, and urged Judge Toomin to appoint a special prosecutor.

“The judge delivered a damning verbal indictment of the system from top to bottom,” BGA executive director Andy Shaw said Friday.

Shaw has said the goal is not to go after Vanecko, but to provide solace for the Koschman family.

Vanecko, who was not charged, denies any wrongdoing.

A special prosecutor could seek charges against him and could pursue sanctions against police or the state’s attorney’s office if it is determined misconduct took place.

  • Dave

    They just won’t leave it alone!

    • Rita

      Dave- If this happened to be YOUR son, would YOU “leave it alone”?

    • Lyndia


      • G-Lep

        HOO-EEE! Lyndia, you actually be talkin some SENSE these past 2 days. Did you go back on your medication?! Whatever the explanation, I’m very proud of ya!!

  • Next?

    Make sure ol Anitta Alverez keeps her political paws off this time so the special prosecutors can get a clean picture of what happened. As for her stating she contacted to state police, yeah right. To be a fly on the wall for that phone call.

  • ucr

    its about time. what the elitist of Chicago get off on crime…..Nail him his uncle should have been locked up years ago for robbing the city.. he has barry obama for saving him

    • Judge Roy Bean

      Anita already tryed to lie her way out of this, Boss Daley gave her the order to close her eyes, the dimwit is only worried about herself, she’s a fake a fraud….she needs to be brought up on chages of trying to help cover a murder up…she’s just another Daley Lackies hids under her desk….hope they kick the lair outeven the judge sad she’s a lair…..

      • zatso

        With you on this one.

        Can you imagine the outcry on this if we had the three stooges from Florida fronting this case.

        We have to develop the “BLACKPRINT” for media attention.


    • Lyndia


  • Just Axin

    Even if nothing comes of it, this needs to be investigated. At least it will make public things the cops and Anita Alvarez did or didn’t do. And if something does shake out, Anita will have a lot of explaining to do to justify why she didn’t do her job. Hopefully, she’s feeling very nervous.

  • Slats Royko

    This too will be over run by the daley political regime. This is a joke, it needs to be investigated by the Feds and Fitzgerald, et al. But then again, if it is, Rahmbo calls BHO, who orders Holder to tell Fitz to back off, thats how Chicago works!!! Move along, lad, nothing to see here……..

  • North side

    Hope the victim family finally can find what they wanted and closure.maybe justice will prevail.there is no limitation for homicides period.clout or no clout.

    • Greg

      But I though they got closure at the funeral. Isn’t this just a head hunt?

      • Westlooppolitico

        God are u stupid—–u must be some sort of dumb a** south side irish Daley lover –Daley should not be allowed to get away with murder.

  • zatso


    He not only did it, but forcefully.

    Maybe this is a start to waking up the idiots who have turned their heads away from this hot potato.

    I hope they get the LIARS!



  • truth be told

    get them all from the first policeman that fudged the report to Anita Alverez,that young man deserves justice.

    • zatso

      Until a new segment of the general population adopts the “BLACKPRINT” of mobilization, we will have the madigans, burkes, daleys, etc playing games with us, the PUBLIC.

      Perhaps, when the outhouse sediment reaches our chins, we’ll take to the streets and wake up!


  • WetNurse

    Did CBS stop reporting on ghetto shootings recently? There were at least 5 shot and one killed Friday night.

    Get back in the game, or you will end up with splinters in your arse CBS!

    • Westlooppolitico

      Ur right—Jay Levine is so in love with messiah Rahm Channel 2 will not report on anythign that reflects poorly on Rahm.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      D@MN!!!! As I have said before, cbs wants to skew the numbers in the porch monkey payday lottery game with their shotty liberal reporting!!!!

    • zatso

      Go to “SECOND CITY COP” and get the latest —— hits, runs, and errors on city crime,,statistics, and BS.


      • WetNurse

        Better yet zatso, go to crimeinchicago.blogspot.com

      • zatso

        Thank you WN


  • da truth,over by dere

    so daley’s nephew will be going to russia soon?

  • g-man

    Watch the attorny’s office blame it all on the police

  • Westlooppolitico

    Trust me justice will not be done. The messiah Rahm will call up Obama to tell Holder to tell Fitzgerald to play nice so Daley can get away with murder. Of course Daley will donate along with Rahm’s jew friends to Obama to fix the case. Anita Alvarez will blame the police when she ws the one who covered it up becasue Richie told her to. And certainly do not expect anything fair in coverage from Chaneel 2 with Jay Levine. His head is so far up Emmanuel’s a** he can’t even see the light of day. When will Channel 2 wake up to his love affair with Emmanuel and let him go to the City hall news room to write for his bff the messiah Rahm.

  • Rita

    How Anita Alvarez can sleep at night is beyond me…

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