Search Continues For Owner Of Pit Bull That Killed Pet

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police continue to search for the owner of a pit bull that killed another family’s smaller dog on the Montrose Dog Beach last month.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Berner reports, during the early spring heat wave on March 17, Audrey Fisher and her 12-year-old daughter took Willy, their Pomeranian mix, to the dog beach so he could play with his favorite pink ball.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Berner reports

But the pit bull wanted that ball, and attacked the 8-pound dog.

“A pit bull came out of nowhere and just attacked him, grabbed him by his belly and shook him violently,” Fisher said last month.

The animal died.

“I was horrified. I was helpless,” Fisher told CBS 2’s Pamela Jones last month. “And there was nothing I could do, but hold my daughter and shield her from this.”

Afterward, the family was left with a $5,700 vet bill because the owner of the pit bull refused to identify himself and left the beach.

A witness to the incident said on the dog beach Web site,, that he talked with the pit bull owner, and that the owner just said, “the other dog started it.”

“He showed zero remorse and was walking around calmly chatting with others who were unaware of what had happened. It seemed obvious that this was ‘normal’ behavior for his dog and him,” the witness said on

The witnesses said the man slowly slipped away, while five or six people on bikes and in cars tried to follow him and get his license plate number.

“He was abusive, then, in his behavior and language to anyone who approach to talk to him about the killing,” the witness wrote. “He shrewdly and aimlessly walked around for almost an hour in the park while the police were called 10-12 times and he got away.”

The other dog owners took photographs of the man with their cell phones, and posted them on fliers and on the dog beach Web site.

Police hope they can use the pictures to find the man. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

  • Roberta Waker

    The pit bull owner walked around the beach for almost an hour after the police were called 10-12 times? What if it had been a child that was attacked and killed? I would sue the Chicago Police for the medical bills and negligence for not arriving at the scene in a timely manner. With pictures of the pit bull owner circulating he should have been caught by now. Something is very wrong here. This man needs to be arrested, pay for Willy’s medical bills, emotional distress and be put in jail for at least 10 years. He’s no better than a hit and run driver and should be punished severely.

    • Reality Checks

      Sue the police? You mean the city? thats like suing yourself!

      Pit bull owners are weirdos who want the attention of having a dangerous dog. The breed is awful and should be controlled in the same way guns are. Anyone who tells you differently is fooling themselves.

      • Time It's Time

        BW has a valid point in that kind owners are less likely to have vicious pitbulls but RC I tend to agree with you that the type of person who is likely to be drawn to owning a pitbull in the first place WANTS them to be vicious.

        I guess owning a pitbull makes up for some inadequacy they have.

      • Maurice Hickenbottom

        How can the owner teach the dog when no one has ever taught the owner? The owner (who I guarantee is NE@RO) is a killer themselves.

      • Lyndia

        Thanks for informing me of the reason why people would want to own pit bulls. What they do not realize (in my humble opinion) is that the dog will turn on you and kill you. A pregnant woman in California, was attacked and killed by her pit bull.

      • BWJr

        wow… about negative stereotyping. I hate to say it, the dog isnt bad, the breed isnt bad, the OWNER is bad because they fail to teach the dog and train the dog appropriately.

        Jump into Reality there, RC

  • BWJr

    so where is his picture?

  • SMH

    Search Continues For person That Killed TRAYVON!!!

    • George Zimmerman, American

      What is a TRAYVON???

  • zatso


    20 cops, with fliers , in helicopters, squads, and bicycles fan out in search for pit bull owner

    NUFF SAID, really some stupid people if you go to the dog park with that DOG.

    I’d love to see an OSPREY do his thing at the park


  • Time It's Time

    PS the pitbull owner in this case was fat white dude, not black.

  • THEE Yard Ape

    This @ ss hole needs to see justice down the barrel of gun. NO doubt, it is some fuking minority. On the odd chance that he’s white, he should be thrown to a pack of marauding negros.

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