Beavers Holds Legal Fundraiser

CHICAGO (CBS) — One of the latest Chicago politicians in legal hot water hosted a fundraiser Monday night to raise money for his criminal defense.

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers (D-4th) hosted the $125-per-person fundraiser.

The event to raise cash for Beavers’ mounting legal expenses was something of a hush-hush affair, CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports.

News cameras and reporters were not allowed inside the Crystal Gardens area or even inside Navy Pier. But CBS 2 saw some 40 friends, pastors and constituents who paid $125 a plate.

Beavers avoided reporters Monday, buy his legal team, including defense attorney Sam Adam, Jr., was there.

“We’re looking forward to going into court and showing that not only did he pay his taxes, he paid them on time. And if there was a mistake, it would be an accounting error,” Adam said.

Those who attended the Navy Pier event were long time supporters. Beavers’ friend Lorenzo Chew said Beavers is getting a raw deal.

“I was his partner 40 years ago on the police department. He was one of the most honest characters,” Chew said.

Beavers is charged with three counts of filing false federal income tax returns, and one count of corruptly endeavoring to obstruct and impede the Internal Revenue Service.

The indictment unsealed in February alleges Beavers used campaign funds and his county expense account for personal gain and did not report the money on his personal income taxes.

Soon after the indictment was unsealed, Beavers claimed that the reason he was indicted was because he refused a request by prosecutors to wear a wire against fellow county Commissioner John Daley (D-11th).

Beavers said the week after the feds approached him, he got a letter informing him he was being investigated on charges. But Daley denied that he’s being investigated by the feds and said he didn’t know why Beavers would drag him into the case.

The indictment alleges that, starting in January 2006, Beavers began writing himself checks from his campaign fund to use for personal purposes, including gambling. In all, he wrote approximately 100 checks to himself — $96,000 worth in 2006; $69,300 worth in 2007; and $61,000 worth in 2008. He also allegedly used his campaign workers to prepare false campaign finance reports to falsify records about those checks to himself and disguise them as legitimate campaign expenditures.

Beavers allegedly used one of those checks — for $68,763.07 — to boost his city pension fund in order to get a larger annuity when he retired from the City Council.

Prosecutors also claim, after he became a county commissioner, Beavers used his $1,200 monthly county expense account for personal reasons, without reporting any of the money as income on his federal income tax returns.

Beavers pleaded not guilty to the charges in early March and called U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald “worse than J. Edgar Hoover.”

Beavers, an old-school politician and proponent of patronage hiring, has described himself as “the Hog with the Big Nuts.” Representing the South Side’s 7th Ward in the City Council from 1983 to 2006, he long served as powerful chairman of the City Council Budget Committee under former Mayor Richard M. Daley, exerting a great deal of control over the city’s purse strings.

  • Telisha

    He is a total a hole and whoever goes to this fundraiser is an even bigger one.

  • tom sharp

    Everyone with an ounce of integrity should permanently boycott that McDonald’s!

  • sis

    How much money does this guy make? What is HIS pension going to look like? And he can justify taking money from the people of Cook County that are really struggling now with no pension to look forward to? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am through being a pawn for politicians.

  • scott

    what a total loser….

  • Tom

    Let me get this straight. A fund raiser at McDonald’s for a crooked pol to be used in his legal afairs? And on top of that, a BAR at McDonalds????? There goes that storied franchises good name.

    • Percy

      Tom, it’s not Mcdonalds it’s Navy Pier with is run by the city. Mcdonalds, probably didn’t have much choice in the matter as it’s space is available for rental… Yard Ape focus on the issues here, I know it’s hard for you to do. How about you we go to Mcdonalds and discuss it.

      • Just Axin

        Percy- Can I come to? I don’t see YApe’s comments so it looks like some coward hit the “report comment” tab.

      • THEE Yard Ape

        I’m happy to repost my previous truthful comment –

        The stones on the shine!!!

        The irony as well – isn’t the negro community blaming the racist white owned McD corp. for making their tribe fat and unhealthy???

      • THEE Yard Ape

        AND may I also add that I still think this thing looks more like simian than bea ver.

  • tj

    I hope the news media has shots of the all his supporters that come out for this.
    Can’t wait to see all the idiots that paid $125 to have big Mac’s and chicken McNuggets to line this guys pockets. Hell, he should just be there to greet them and collect their money and put it in his pocket right away.

  • Jefferson Davids

    This fugly colored slave needs a good old fashioned Confederate horsewhipping.

    • Just Axin

      Jefferson- where have you been? We’ve missed you. I hope the media identify all the kiss a$$ f-ups who show up. Let’s see all the black protestors now show up to his event with signs about how he is giving blacks a bad name and should resign.

  • sonnyboy77

    Hell to the naw Jeff Davidson. Ain’t no white boys givin’ out no horsewhippings in this city. Yeah, “Big Nuts” is living up to his name by hosting a “fund raiser”. He has enough cash to pay his own bills. Hopefullf no one will show for the pink slime burgers and pressed chicken nuggets. But ain’t no horsewhippins happening on this watch. And if you insist on trying to give one, we can meet and see about it. And Just AXin, you know some Blacks and Whites will be there to support Big Nuts, but nobody’s gonna protest. It ain’t worth it dude.

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