Gas Prices Remain Highest In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — Gas prices have been a really hot topic, from the race for the White House to the everyday lives of millions of Americans – and the prices in Chicago remain the highest.

As CBS 2’s Kris Habermehl reports, gas prices rose an average of 4 cents a gallon over the past two weeks. But according to analysts at the Lundberg Survey, the nationwide average is only about $3.97, and apparently has hit the high point.

But Chicago remained the highest, with an average price of $4.45 per gallon. says the lowest price in the area is $4.09 – found at Buster’s, at 1301 W. Irving Park Rd. in Bensenville; Murphy USA, at 19141 S. Halsted St. in Glenwood, and a Citgo station at 1503 Broadway in Melrose Park.

The highest is $4.79, seen at the Citgo station at Desplaines and Taylor streets near the Dan Ryan Expressway, and the Marathon station at 1121 S. Jefferson St. just west of downtown.

  • THEE Yard Ape

    Why can’t I find a NObama algae station anywhere in this d@mn city!!!!??

    • G-Lep

      Don’t forget to keep your tires fully inflated!! The “dear leader” has told us to!!! If THAT ain’t the solution to expensive gas, I don’t know what is!! Thank you, Barry Soetoro, DESTROYER OF WORLDS!!!!

  • RealityConfuses

    I agree with Yard Ape. The nitwits in Washington have NO CLUE as to how and why markets do what they do. The oil companys say the high gas prices are due to high oil prices. They also blame world demand. LOL. Very cunning. Who owns a large share of the oil fields and the rights to produce the oil? Who has traders on the floor of the exchange? Gotta love the halfwits elected all the way to the top!

  • John Bosanac

    The regulations that were in place many years ago, should be put back in place. It was the petroleum industry that kept hounding the federal government to deregulate the industry, saying that they could not survive under those regulations. Now every year it is the same story, if there is a pipe burst or leak, that is the reason for high prices, if there is a refinery accident, oh that’s the reason,, lets blame the Arabs, lets blame customer usage, no it is the chemicals we have to add to the summer gas, its the chemicals we have to use for winter gas.
    Lets finally wake up, every year the oil companies tell us all of these excuses, yet every year at the end of the financial quarter or the end of the financial year, Shell, Chevron, and all of the other oil companies, brag on how much profit they have made. About ten years back, when the oil companies started to play these games, congress started to look into the oil company profits, and surprise, how fast the gas prices dropped from $4.25 a gallon to $2.50 a gallon.
    Congress should one regulate the Oil industry, and stop looking at there own stock profits they have in the oil industry. Start looking out for the tax payers that elect them into office.

  • This is a BAD joke

    John Bosanac has a point. If it costs SO much for the poor oil companies to supply the public with fuel, maybe they can invest more of their huge profits into offering us alternative fuels that they can sell at a fair price. Honda already has a Civic for sale that runs on CNG. Hey, BP! Why not sell me some CNG at the local station? But why should they do THAT when they can charge more for gasoline? Yesterday I paid $4.24 / gal for premium in Indiana. Today, I see premium for $4.83 IN THE SUBURBS! Add another dime or so for King Rahm and you get up to $4.95 in the city. We should all boycott this rigged game……………….And Yard Ape should just stop talking.

  • Trend

    Sure wish we could get some actual reporting from ABC and other news outlets. Instead of sensationalising rising prices, I’d like to know what our politicians are doing about this. I suppose journalism now involves four paragraphs articles puked up from other sources.

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  • Telisha

    Chicagoans deserve it for imposing Obummer on the nation.

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