By David Schuster-

(WSCR) Derrick Rose had led a charmed life regarding injuries up until this season.

But that charm has turned into a curse as Rose has been been beset with one ailment after another. First, it was the turf toe. Then, it was the bad back, followed by a sore groin. Now, it’s an ankle sprain.

The latest injury occurred in the Bulls game at New York on Sunday and it’s one that will likely have him out for tonight’s rematch against the Knicks. It happened in the second quarter and it definitely hindered him the rest of the afternoon.

“I think I was driving and I twisted my ankle,” the Bulls All Star guard said. “You know how I am, if it ‘s a close game I’m going to continue to play and I made it worse. Hopefully I’ll be over it in a couple of days.”

Four injuries in one season would definitely test the patience of any player, and Rose is no exception.

“The only thing I can do is try to stay positive,” he said. “God does everything for a reason. Don’t know what the reason is right now. Just trying to fight through it and cheer on my teammates”.

Rose is also cognizant that time is running out on the regular season and he well knows the importance of getting all the starters back on the court at the same time.

“It’s huge,” Rose explained. “Especially right now. We have to catch a rhythm where I’ve been out a majority of the year with all these injuries. A couple of other players have been out a little bit, but with anything we’re happy that we’ve been together as a unit in the past. This is basically the same team as last year and we all know each other’s tendencies. But it’s still going to take a little time for us to gel.”

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