CHICAGO (CBS) — There’s a mystery in Chicago tonight about a longer day in public school. Yes or no?

What will it be when Mayor Rahm Emanuel makes up his mind? Yesterday, he said longer day. Today he said shorter day than the longer day he said yesterday. Tomorrow, he may say a longer day than the shorter day than the longer day he said yesterday.

It’s not that he can’t make up his mind. It’s that he’s giving us a Rahmbo runaround, saying something he can take back in order to end up doing what he wanted to do in the first place.

Okay, not 7 ½ hours in school for grade schoolers. I’ll agree to seven; so parents and teachers, now you agree to seven.

It’s a lot like what he said about closing libraries. Remember? Before saying he’d keep them open.

It’s his runaround strategy, to be seen as a compromiser mayor, not a “my way or the highway” mayor.

Smart strategy? Too soon to tell. The problem with it? Figuring out when he’s telling the truth.

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