By David Schuster-

UNITED CENTER (CBS) The injury woes just never seem to end for the Bulls. Derrick Rose is now battling his fifth injury on the season and Luol Deng has added bruised ribs to go along with the torn ligament in his left wrist.

Rose, who already has battled back spasms, a dislocated toe, a groin pull and a sprained ankle, is now experiencing soreness in his right foot.

Prior to Monday night’s game, he was very much hobbling in the locker room and was meeting with the medical staff regarding this latest injury.

As of Monday night, the Bulls had only six games left in the regular season to get all hands on deck and build cohesion prior to the playoffs but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

Oh by the way, Tom Thibodeau says he feels fine and is ready to go. He said that with a slight smile but inside he must be hurting in a different way as all these injuries are hurting the master plan.

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