(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to none other than Chicago Bulls ambassador Scottie Pippen.

This from Glen:

NBA Hall of Famer and noted revisionist historian Scottie Pippen, in the wake of Derrick Rose’s season-ending injury, wrote an open letter to the current Chicago Bulls, exhorting them to not give up on the current season. As an inspirational example, Pippen cited the 1993-94 Bulls saying, “Even though we ultimately fell short, we all believed we should’ve done better. My point is that there was never a moment when we felt sorry for ourselves or let anyone push us into any self doubt. We stayed positive and believed that if we stuck together and played good, hard defense, we could beat any team out there.” Well, Scottie, at the very end of Game 2 of that series, Phil Jackson drew up a play in which you would in-bound the ball to Toni Kukoc, who would take the last shot of the game. Your reaction to finding out that you, the acknowledged star of the team, would not be taking the last shot of the game, chose to sit out the play on the bench doing the exact opposite of what you’re now telling the current Bulls to do. Scottie, your career is long over. Your legacy is assured. If, at this point, you were to show the true courage of your convictions, reflecting on this incident honestly and citing it as the type of behavior the Bulls should avoid, people would do nothing but respect you even more. Unfortunately, you can’t. I know your letter was supposed to inspire, but, in my case, it just makes me sad. Scottie Pippen, Who Ya Crappin’?

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