CHICAGO (CBS) — A funeral today for a suspected gang member has put several schools in Evergreen Park on alert.

School District 124 has asked parents at its five schools to arrange to pick up their children. It also canceled mid-morning recess at its four elementary schools.

The wake and funeral is being held at Kenny Brothers Funeral Home, 3600 West 95th Street. The funeral procession will be heading west after the 11 a.m. service.

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Police also went door-to-door last week, warning residents to take precautions.

The funeral home said it will work with law enforcement to ensure security.

Many parents chose to walk their children to school today, right up to the door.

They didn’t want to take chances, especially after receiving a call the school district.

“The phone call said there was a suspected gang member that was being waked yesterday and the funeral is this morning,” said parent Shari Wolfe.

Wolfe says this is not the first time the school district has warned parents about a funeral three blocks away from northwest elementary school.

“Nothing happened last time, but I don’t want to be naive to think nothings going to happen,” Wolfe said

Denise Schneider wishes the funeral could be elsewhere, far from schools.

“The little punks as I call them, should be somewhere else, and family should have their time with them if they choose,” she said.

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