By Mai Martinez

CHICAGO (CBS) — When Olga Morales took her first child–just a baby–to daycare, she expected her to be carefully watched.

But, when mom picked her up, seven-month-old Jackie Garcia’s face was full of marks and possibly even bites.

“When I see my baby, I say ‘no,’ and I start crying,” Morales said.

The parents say it happened Monday at Golden Age Daycare on 5333 W. Oakdale. Despite calling to check on her child, Jackie’s mother wasn’t told anything was wrong until she arrived to pick her up.

Olga Morales immediately called Jackie’s father, Tom Garcia, who rushed over.

“I got her and [saw] the bridge of her nose and all the scratches and I just started crying,” said Garcia

The parents say the daycare owner told them a 2-year-old had fallen on Jackie and accidentally scratched her.

Her parents question how that could have happened if the children were being properly watched.

“Where was the supervision? The other room? Outside? I don’t know,” said Garcia. “Nobody knows. I don’t think it’s just an accident for her to have all these scratches.”

The daycare owner, Maritza Fernandez, wouldn’t talk to CBS 2. She did however have to talk to Chicago police after Jackie’s parents called them.

“I kind of do wish they were shut down so more kids don’t go there and get hurt,” said Garcia.

The Department of Children and Family Services is now investigating. A spokesperson says the daycare has been licensed since 2006 with no previous violations or investigations.

Jackie’s parents have hired a lawyer and plan to sue the daycare’s owner for the cost of medical bills, plus pain and suffering.

The daycare center remains open and is required to have an extra worker supervising the children.

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