CHICAGO (CBS) — A World War Two veteran who was attacked and robbed at his South Side apartment building more than two months ago says he is confident police will be able to find the men responsible.

Police released surveillance video with the men’s images Sunday afternoon, asking for tips from the public.

The victim is 86 years old, and is a World War Two veteran who served in the Navy in the Pacific.

More than two months ago, he was taking care of his business, when he went to a neighborhood Currency Exchange, the bank, and to a local Target store

He says he noticed a heavy-set man on the street – certainly no gentleman, he says.

“And I knew he had to be no good to do what he did — wouldn’t stop to let a lady in a wheelchair pass him,” he said.

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When the elderly man got back home to the 600 block of East 69th Street, two men, who’d been following him all day, jumped him and put a choke-hold on him.

“I’m thinking, I’m being robbed. But I didn’t feel a knife or a bullet going off. I blanked out. And the next thing I knew, I’m coming to on the floor,” he said.

He said he found out, sure enough, he’d been robbed.

“My shoes were off. That’s where my money was,” he said.

The attack was caught on surveillance video, as one of the robbers dragged the victim through a hallway. Police said one of the attackers was spotted in the bank the victim had visited, and was caught on surveillance video as he watched the victim withdraw money from the bank, and put it in his sock.

The victim said he keeps his money in his socks. That money – plus what was in his pockets – was taken; about $500 in all. He said he’s getting by.

“I had to sacrifice. (But) I got some help,” he said.

We’re not using the 86-year-old man’s name – at his request.

Now he says he is feeling all right. Ask him how he is and he says “broke and happy.”

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