Submit Your Questions For Matt Abbatacola

The Score Interrogation Room.

The Score Interrogation Room.

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(CBS) All right, now that we’ve taken you inside the mind of Dan Bernstein, next up is Matt Abbatacola.

Simply submit your questions in the “comments” section below for a chance to have your question asked in The Score Interrogation Room. Questions can be about absolutely anything: sports, music, pop culture, movies – anything goes, so get creative!

We’ll select the 10 best, most creative/hilarious questions, and tomorrow, you’ll vote to narrow them down to the best five.

On Thursday, a video will be published with Matt Abbatacola fielding those 5 questions in The Score Interrogation Room, hosted by Nick Shepkowski.

This is your chance to ask Abbatacola anything. Don’t blow it – submit your questions below now and share with your friends!