(WSCR) The city of Chicago can provide an incredible nightlife, if you have the money and time – just ask Patrick Kane.

But for new Bears running back Michael Bush, the nightlife hasn’t been so kind.

According to a report, Bush tweeted Saturday night what he called  “strike one” for Chicago after he was denied access to the Paris Club on Hubbard.

“Couldn’t get in the Paris Club in Chicago ‘cuz they wanted to see a player’s card. Really? Strike 1 Windy City,” Bush tweeted. 

One day later, Bush had a similar experience at a nightclub called Underground.

“Couldn’t get into the Underground. Really? Strike 2. I’m heading home to get ready for my tee time in the AM . . . I remember everything,” Bush tweeted. 

To show just show upset he was, Bush sent out a second tweet shortly after.

“Really disappointed in Chicago. The Windy City, aka downtown Chicago, I’ve always heard this is the place u want 2 be. Uhh, I’m not a believer yet.”

The tweets have since been deleted.

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