HOUSTON (CBS) A day after being acquitted on federal perjury charges, former major league pitcher Roger Clemens joined SportsRadio 610 in Houston to talk about the trial away from the courtroom for the first time.

“We tried to do everything the government asked for. We opened up our arms, our house, everything they wanted,” Clemens said. “They went around the world looking for people to tie me to. They came up with one guy who painted himself as my personal trainer.”

The guy, of course, was Brian McNamee and Clemens told the station he still doesn’t understand why the trainer dragged him through the mud.

“When you open up your house to people you never think that behind the scenes someone is planning or plotting something against you because they are either jealous of you or have an ax to grind,” Clemens said about McNamee. “I can’t fathom the situation that happened.”

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