(WSCR) The “creepy” love letters allegedly written by Jerry Sandusky to Victim 4 have been released.

You can read them all below.

Love Can Overcome All Things

I know that I have made my share of mistakes.

However I hope that I will be able to say that I cared. There has been love in my heart.

My wish is that you care and have love in your heart. Love never ends. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

I believe that it can overcome all things!

With love,


I Am A Great Pretender

Yes, I am a “Great Pretender.” I pretend that I can sing. I pretend about many things. However, I can’t pretend about my feelings and want you to always remember that I care.

Not always a pretender – “Jer”

I Have Many Forrest Gump Qualities

Driving home the other night, I had many thoughts. Some happy, some a little sad. As you know, I am very emotional and kind of let everything out. I’m not good at hiding my feelings. I have many “Forrest Gump” qualities and I thought a lot about that more as I was driving home. As you would expect, I cried at that movie.

I remembered Forrest and how he was so naive (oblivious to the world) and not very smart. He was so happy because he wasn’t caught up in being anything other than a caring person (I wish that I had more of that in me).

There was his wife and some friends who didn’t understand what he had and tried to find their happiness by partying and living the fast life. So many people look for happiness that way. It didn’t come for his wife or his friends. They turned away from him and went searching. Unfortunately, they only found hopelessness, despair and became depressed.

Forrest stayed loyal, he didn’t know any better. Somehow, people like him are blessed. He never gave up because he cared. When those special people came back to his simple life of love and concern they found hope and true happiness.

As you go through life you may have moments when you think that there is a lifestyle out there somewhere that is the answer. I hope that in the back of your mind will be a memory of simple times, hopefully laughter, joy and warm smiles.

Try not to ever forget all of those who care. Try to remember canoes, squirt guns, water balloons, fighting outside, miniature golf, Polish soccer, basketball, racquetball, football, swimming, studying, lifting, working, golfing, volleyball, kickball, soccer, laughing, hurting, arguing, crying, caring and so much more fun.


Forrest Jer

I’m Jer

Very few people know about this story and probably less care. I guess that I’m writing it for me. I’m Jer.

(Victim 4) is a young man that came into Jer’s life. It was a difficult time for Jer because he had lost his dad. Jer and his dad shared so much, did many things together. (Victim 4) comes along and he and Jer seem to enjoy the same experiences. Both seemed to be in need. They loved playing games, competing, singing, laughing, sharing experiences, just being themselves. Jer remembers driving (Victim 4) home. (Victim 4) would say, “Tell me another story, Jer.”

Jer, of course, being filled with them would come up with one. Jer remembers how he didn’t want those rides to end.

Jer became attached to (Victim 4) and always will be. (Victim 4) loved Justice and Staush, and they love him. He and Jer played Polish soccer, wrote papers together, rode (Victim 4)’s four wheeler even though Jer was scared to death, studied in the playground, roller skated, ice skated, jet skiied, went to a bowl game, spent days at football and soccer camp, canoed, traveled and more. He met and did things with Penn State football players and spent many hours with them and Jer.

It wasn’t (Victim 4), Jer, LaVar, Mac, Courtney, David, Anthony, Josh, etc., it was “we.”

Times were not always perfect. There were ups and downs. There were arguments, fights, they cared! No matter what, there was a connection that would help them last through their difficult times. There was always a sensitive, caring feeling deep inside. Jer had learned through many experiences that life isn’t perfect, even with someone he considered to be his “best friend.”

Life is far from perfect at this stage. Something or things have come into (Victim 4)’s life that appear to have taken him over. It’s powerful, a cloud of smoke that has engulfed him, for Jer it has been a dark cloud. (Victim 4) seemed to fight it, coming over trying to do hockey, but couldn’t pull it off. He seemed to be losing these battles more and more.

Inch by inch the cloud has chocked him and taken over. It has smothered sensitivity and love, taken away his caring and enthusiasm. His enthusiasm has been replaced by sleep, his caring replaced by apathy (no concern). “Tell me another story, Jer, “ has been replaced by “I don’t care.” This cloud has destroyed soccer and hockey, choked smiles and laughter. There is fear that it has reached his insides, killing his feelings.

Jer believes that there will always be something special inside (Victim 4).

He hopes that it will last, return, if it has left. The players miss him.

They say, “come back, (Victim 4)!” “Stay with us, (Victim 4)!” Jer would love to have the good times back. The players shout, “be with us to the end!”

Jer would love to hear “Tell me another story, Jer.” Jer may not be worthy, but he needs a “best friend.” It doesn’t look real good.

Jer understands life and its changes. He’s proud, too proud to beg for a friend, extended family member. The story will end the way (Victim 4) wants it. Jer wants to be there to the end, but that’s (Victim 4)’s call. If (Victim 4) ever needs him, he’ll come.

Regardless, they have had an experience that others won’t. Jer will not forget and always care!

You Leave A Trail Of Broken Promises

(Victim 4):

Once again, I have decided to write some of my thoughts.

I write because you mean so much to us. I write because I am concerned about all of us. I write because I have seen the hurt on [redacted]’s face when you don’t show for him, even though you have given your word. I write because of the churning in my own stomach when you don’t care. I write because I still hope that there will be meaning to the time we have known each other.

[Redacted] and I have seen this before, had similar experiences and to be honest, not very happy conclusions. You like to express yourself in a straight-forward manner. This will be a very direct message from us.

We seem to be a convenience. When it is inconvenient or a better deal comes along, you leave a trail of broken promises. Commitments seem to be meaningless.

You are able to bounce from person to person, object to object. You seek happiness through control, domination and what satisfies the moment.

You have to hit the home run, swing for the fence. You don’t understand or choose not to worry about loyalty, commitment or caring. The motivation is to get what you want regardless of others.

On the surface this many appear to work for you. People enjoy your youthfulness. Different people show up to give you temporary fulfillment.

We could be wrong but don’t believe that this works. Our experience shows otherwise. You will get older. People will expect more. Your youthfulness will disappear. If you cannot care, you will not be able to live up to the expectations. Your so-called “best friends” will vanish. Happiness will escape your life.

You might want to stop and think about true happiness. It seems to come more often when you don’t try as hard, look to just get a single, reach out to others, lose yourself, become satisfied with plain, simple people who care.

It’s your life! You can continue as you have, keep looking for happiness or you can find it. We’d love to be a part of your life, but that’s your choice.

We’ve been here, made it through some challenges. We want to always be there for you!

With some hope and a lot of caring.

We are,


Thanks For Your Special Touch (written to defense witness, David Hilton)


Thanks for the memory!

Thanks for being so warm and friendly!

Thanks for your special touch!

Thanks for trying so much!

Thanks for being a very best friend!

Thanks for your willingness to care to the end!

Thanks for all you say and do!

Thanks, mostly for just being you.

Happy birthday,


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