The following is from Joe Sheehan’s blog regarding the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal. Warning: the following contains graphic details that may be unsuitable. Read with caution.

By Joe Sheehan-

I was wrong about the Jerry Sandusky serial-child-rape case.

Last year, on Twitter, I criticized the focus on everyone but Sandusky, the rapist who had committed horrific crimes against children. It seemed to me that the story had quickly moved past him and on to, if you’ll forgive the word, “sexier” names, names like Paterno and McQueary and Spanier. I couldn’t understand why there was so much rage against these men who hadn’t hurt children, and so little, in proportion, for the man who had. It struck me as cynical of the media to look for a better story, seek out more boldface type, rather than investigate the crimes that did happen.

I was wrong. Sandusky committed evil acts for which he has been tried in this world and, per his own stated faith, will be tried in the next one. He had more help than I realized, however, and in trying to focus my own rage, I did not properly hold accountable the men representing the institution, men who might have come to the rescue of children, but instead did everything but buy Sandusky lube and towels.

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