CHICAGO (CBS)— Just a few feet from the headache of Lake Shore Drive traffic is a sliver of water where city frustrations fade and some folks really come alive.

“It’s incredible to see the ducks on the water, the people starting to move in the city. The city seems to come awake in front of you,” Ross Duchene tells CBS 2’s Kate Sullivan.

It’s the Lincoln Park Boat Club, a spot that is secret to some, hidden to many. It’s where anyone can learn the skill, sport and art of rowing.

Ever since 1910, the club has welcomed any and all, from experienced skullers to those that have never even held an oar.

“You can find old photographs sometimes of the historical society and there’s actually a lot of great rowing talent that has come through here,” head coach Trish Brubaker says.

CBS 2 ran into one.

Margarita Zezza was the world champion of women’s sculling from the Soviet Union. She can be seen on the water here on any given day.

“I love the freedom of movement,” she says.

The classes are intense. But for those who come it is an oasis.

“Whatever you think your limit is just ignore – it doesn’t exist,” Brubaker says.

The Lincoln Park Boat Club is located directly next to the Lincoln Park Zoo. It is open to anyone. Click here for a complete list of classes.

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