Hottest Rental Properties In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — The editors at Curbed Chicago did some research to come up with the 15 hottest rental properties in Chicago.

They studied online reviews and tips from current renters–along with a “moderate amount of sleuthing”– to develop the list.

Here it is:

  1. Belden Stratford, 2300 North Lincoln Park West
  2. 10 West Elm
  3. Parc Huron, 469 W. Huron
  4. Kingsbury Plaza, 520 N. Kingsbury
  5. Flair Tower, 222 W. Erie
  6. Left Bank At K Station, 300 N. Canal
  7. 180 North Jefferson
  8. The Tides, 360 E. South Water
  9. North Harbor Tower, 175 N. Harbor Dr.
  10. Columbus Plaza, 233 E. Wacker Dr.
  11. Aqua, 225 N. Columbus Dr.
  12. The Regal Apartments, 651 S. Wells St.
  13. Hawthorne House, 3450 N. Lake Shore Dr.
  14. Del Prado Apartments, 5307 S. Hyde Park Blvd.
  15. Roosevelt Collection 150 W. Roosevelt Road

You can find more details about each property at Curbed Chicago.

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