CHICAGO (CBS) — One way husbands can make their wives adoring fans it to take care of the “Honey Do” list.

You know that long list of repairs around the house you’ve been promising to make for months? Doing it yourself makes it a lot easier for the Wright family to Survive This Economy.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker takes a look at how much you could save if you become the handyman for your own home.

Tile work in the bathroom, a faulty fan in the kid’s room, plaster repairs – it’s all part of the long laundry list of household repairs Sinora Wright has for her husband Marcus.

The Wrights could save a few bucks if he’d do the work, but Marcus has been stalling for months.

“I don’t want to do it,” Marcus said. “I’m not gonna lie, I would rather have someone else do it instead of me.”

After looking at a DVD of Sinora’s “Honey Do” list for Marcus, contractor Don Van Cura was convinced Marcus could make most of the repairs himself; such as plastering over holes in the walls left by nails, or replacing the busted doorbell with a new one.

“It’s a simple matter of removing those wires, wrapping them clockwise around the screws, tightening it up, and it should work,” Van Cura said.

It’s a five minute job that’ll cost about $5. In fact, Van Cura said the material for all of the projects would cost about $100, compared to paying a handyman $300 for the same work.

About the only time Van Cura thinks Marcus needs to call a professional is to repair or replace the ceiling fan.

“If you don’t understand how to connect the wires properly, it’s an electrical hazard,” he said.

Asked if he’s committed to doing much of the work himself for the sake of saving money, Marcus laughed and said, “I don’t have a choice. She’ll make me do it. … Happy wife..happy life.

If Marcus makes the repairs he’ll save $200 dollars.

Van Cura also suggested Marcus buy his supplies at specialty stores where professionals shop. That’s where he’ll find plenty of help in case he has any questions.

The couple has already pocketed $3,507 since November, by pinching their pennies during the Survive This Economy series.

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