HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. (CBS) — Police in northwest suburban Hoffman Estates are working to reduce crime – one condo complex at a time.

When Police Chief Michael Hish issued an invitation to residents of any condo complex in Hoffman Estates to meet with him, he received one response – from the residents of the Highland Crossing complex, just west of the police station.

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For 90 minutes Thursday night, Hish addressed concerns about everything from a solitary armed robbery in December that has left the affected family fearful to double-parking, noisy neighbors, occasional drunks and kids who ride their bicycles up and down hallways. But Hish said he saw a big benefit for all involved.

“The most positive thing for everyone in this room is for my watch commanders to hear what these people have to say first hand. It doesn’t work when it filters through several people,” he said. “My bosses running the shifts on the street need to hear this first hand.”

Property manager Kathy Doherty, a 20-year resident of Highland Crossing, said for years, similar meetings attracted 10 to 15 of the 347 owners. She called the turnout of more than 100 marvelous and said that kind of concern makes a difference.

“The people needed to be heard tonight because the more the people step up to take ownership of the property, the more little problems you’re going to see (addressed),” she said. “In order to correct those problems everybody needs to be involved – the police, the village, the mayor. “

Mayor William McLeod was on hand, although he let Hish do the talking.

Both Doherty and Hish said they would like to see other complexes take advantage of the offer, specifically the Steeple Hill complex that adjoins Highland Crossing. Both said Steeple Hill’s association has refused to meet jointly with the Highland Crossing group.

“That would make a huge difference,” Doherty said.

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