CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicagoan Ron Scott’s got a brand new bag – a pizza bag.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Roberts reports in this week’s Made in Chicago, Scott loves pizza. But what he doesn’t like is the inconvenience of trying to carry several pizza boxes at once and keeping them level while trying to open doors, board a bus and pay the fare, punch elevator buttons and the like as the pizza shifts around in the box and grows steadily colder.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Roberts reports

Scott says his Scott Pizza Bag gets around all of that.

“It’s the latest solution in pizza carry-out convenience,” he said.

Scott says you can bring the bag to the pizzeria in your pocket.

“This is made for customers. It’s reusable, foldable, or it can fit into a purse, or easily a shoulder bag or handbag,” he said.

Scott is selling the bag online at his Scott Pizza Bag site for a mere $2.99, and says it makes transporting pizza handy anywhere.

“To Ravinia, to a tailgate, a picnic at the beach, movies in the park, a backyard get-together,” Scott said.

Scott tries to make his point in a series of YouTube videos in which he and others pack pizza boxes at the restaurant.

“Make sure that you push it all the way to the back so that when you’re carrying it, the pizza bag stays low,” Scott said. “It’s very important.”

And then, board a bus and climb stairs, and deliver pizza to grandma and a child’s birthday party.

Thin crust or thick crust, sauceless or stuffed, Scott says his Pizza Bag is one thing on which all pizza lovers can agree.

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