By Mike Mulligan-

BOURBONNAIS — Fun as it may be to pretend the Bears are undergoing a sudden and violent insurrection on offense — a quarterback-led coup featuring aerial strength, the marshaling of ground forces and (gasp) something called the audible — the simple truth is the Bears require significantly less to be successful this season. Think evolution more than revolution.

“It’s Chicago,” linebacker Lance Briggs said laughing when asked about a defense fast becoming the forgotten unit. “It’s great to be excited about offense in the city of Chicago. But we’re still in Chicago.”

Right. Chicago: Hog Butcher for the World. Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat. City of Big Shouldered Linebackers. Stuffer of Run. Blitzer of Quarterback. Hometown of Butkus. If only Carl Sandburg had lasted another 20 years, he could have rewritten his famous poem for the 46 defense.

Regardless, smashmouth defense remains as singularly Chicago as railroad yards and stuffed pizza.

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