(WSCR) If anyone knows just how quickly injuries can derail a Hall of Fame career, it’s Gale Sayers.

The former Bears running back had his NFL career cut short by a series of knee injuries – perhaps that’s why he’s so angry over the bounty scandal that was employed by the Saints.

In a recent interview with Comcast Sportsnet, Sayers expressed his anger toward the Saints, saying those involved should be jailed.

“Those fools should never get a chance to play or coach in the game again. Never.” Sayers told David Kaplan. “How can you do that? I have never had anyone say, ‘I’m going to break your arm.’

“They should never go out and play this game again, go out and coach this game again.”

When asked if those involved should receive jail time, Sayers wasn’t shy.

“You’re damn right they should,” Sayers said. “Yes, they should.”

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