By Matt Spiegel-

(WSCR) There was a memorable sequence on Sunday’s Hit & Run, in the hour after Theo Epstein’s appearance.

Barry Rozner and I have had Cubs conversations with fans, for years, that has often been framed with a backdrop of impatience. Would the fandom accept a regime coming in and trying to “do it the right way”? It’s not a quick fix. As a bad roster is dismantled, and prospects are compiled, would the plan be supported and understood?

Those questions have largely been answered with a “yes” this season.

But not everyone is on board.

Listen to this chunk of Hit & Run from Sunday:

You’ll hear caller Mike from Palatine, and we appreciate his willingness to voice displeasure with the state of things. I tussle with him a bit, but we let him stay on to make his points. (In the midst of it, I make an error regarding the Dempster trade to Texas, which was corrected later).

Barry then wonders whether Cubbie impatience (“we’re not that far away!”) is more common amongst the elderly. I mean, they want to see results now before their faculties go, right?

Caller Margaret puts him in his place, and ranks as one of the best calls to the station I can recall. She really deserves a weekly segment.

So provided here is a snapshot of Cubs fan culture, with a side benefit of Rozner getting beaten over the head with a purse.

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