CHICAGO (CBS) — It was an unusual day in the Drew Peterson murder trial. For once, the judge did not have to warn the prosecutors to stop their low-blow misconduct or he’ll dismiss their case against Peterson.

Personally, I don’t care about Drew Peterson, but I do care about our system of justice. I care that our state’s attorneys and federal prosecutors are intimidating witnesses, ruining reputations, breaking rules – anything to win, so they can move into private practice and make millions, or move onto a ballot and get re-elected.

In the Peterson trial, the state’s attorneys have been warned by the judge and ignored him, been warned and ignored him again, and again, and again.

Once more, and they’re likely to be tossed out of court, Peterson likely to go free, which might be okay, because – to preserve our system of justice – it’s better sometimes that a defendant beat the system, than a prosecutor pervert it.

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