CHICAGO (CBS) — A new baby zebra was born at the Lincoln Park Zoo this week, and the zoo wants your help in naming him.

The endangered Grevy’s zebra foal was born in the early morning hours Thursday.

“This little colt is all legs and is glued to mom’s side,” zoo General Curator Dave Bernier said in a news release. “Right now he has characteristic brown stripes that will get darker as he grows up, eventually turning black to match the rest of our herd.”

The zoo is asking you to vote for one of four Swahili names for the newborn zebra.

• Hanisi, which means “born on Thursday;”

• Akili , which means “clever;”

• Kito, which means “jewel;”

• Daktari, which means “doctor, healer.”

You can vote through Thursday, Aug. 30, at 11:59 p.m. by visiting

The zebra foal is the second offspring for his 5-year-old mother, Adia, and 6-year-old father, Clayton. The foal’s brother, Enzi, was born at 2010 and still lives at Lincoln Park Zoo today.

Adia and Clayton were recommended for breeding by the Grevy’s zebra Species Survival Plan, which manages the population of the endangered zebras at the zoo.

The birth has been a long time coming, as the gestational period for Grevy’s zebras is more than a year.

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