LISTEN: College Football Roundtable

(WSCR) With the college football season kicking off Thursday night, 670 The Score’s college football experts got together to preview the 2012 season.

Check out snippets of what each expert had to say and listen to the full one-hour show below:

LISTEN: College Football Roundtable

Adam Hoge on which Big Ten team could compete for the national championship…

“If I had to pick one team out of this conference to compete for the national championship, it’s Michigan State, because if Andrew Maxwell is the real deal … this is an SEC caliber defense. If they find one or two wide receivers, everyone else is back. The offensive line is good, Le’Veon Bell is fine at running back, if they offense comes around, this defense is the kind of defense that could lead Michigan State to the National Championship Game in a surprise.”

Connor McKnight on the Big Ten Leaders Division…

“There’s no question to me that Ohio State is the best team in that Leaders Division and might just be the best team in the Big Ten and nothing they do this year will really matter towards the end of it … And yet, it really seems as though in that Leaders Division, Wisconsin kind of has a walk through that schedule … It comes down, to me, the game on the 13th of October at Purdue being the one that sends or keeps Wisconsin from playing for the Big Ten Championship.”

Joe Ostrowski on Notre Dame’s expectations…

“I think it’s a huge victory if Notre Dame gets eight wins this year. But here’s what I want to see: Notre Dame, their problem has been those big games against Top 25 teams. I want to see them steal one of those games. I’ll throw it out there. Yeah, USC, Oklahoma, Michigan, Michigan State… they need to win one of those four games. Brian Kelly needs one of those big victories. He hasn’t had one and he’s going into Year 3. ”

Herb Lawrence on Illinois’ expectations…

“With the personnel they have back and the schedule as is, I only have them losing four games. The Arizona State game, losing, Wisconsin game, losing, Michigan game, losing, at Ohio State, losing. And that Northwestern game at the end, they could lose that one. So maybe five games they’ll lose. 7-5.”

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