Filmmaker Creates Campaign To Give Adam Greenberg ‘One At-Bat’

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(WSCR) If you don’t remember Adam Greenberg, it’s because his career with the Cubs ended almost as quickly as it started.

On July 9, 2005, Greenberg received a pinch-hit callĀ from then-manager Dusty Baker, what would be his first appearance in a Major League Baseball game.

As Greenberg stepped up to the plate, the first pitch he saw – a 92 mph fastball – hit him directly in the head. Greenberg left the game and never appeared in another Major League Baseball game.

Now, filmmaker Matt Liston is on a warpath to get Greenberg one more at-bat in the Majors. The campaign, called ‘One At-Bat’, is taking the baseball world by storm.

Though the Cubs declined to give Greenberg another shot at the Majors, there are 29 other teams who could take a chance on the 31-year-old.