CHICAGO (CBS) — A former Cub who ran into bad luck says he’s not giving up his dream of a comeback, even though the Cubs are denying him a second chance.

Adam Greenberg is in the record books as the only Major Leaguer to have just one at-bat. It came while he was with the Cubs in 2005.

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In his first trip to the plate, he was hit by the ball and injured.

Matt Liston, a Cubs fan, has been on a crusade to get Greenberg a second shot. Liston collected 10,000 signatures in an on-line campaign, asking the Cubs for another chance for Greenberg in this season’s last homestand series against the Astros, which would have no playoff implications for either team.

The Cubs reportedly have rejected the idea.

But Greenberg says that doesn’t mean he’s giving up.

“Whether it’s with the Cubs or another team, I’m looking for that next shot somewhere,” he said.

Although he is 31 now, Greenberg says he has got what it takes to be a major leaguer again.

“Thirty-one going on 22. I keep myself in great shape. I take care of my body. I eat well. I work out,” Greenberg said. “So I really don’t feel a day over 22 years old.”

Greenberg is going to Florida this week to compete with Team Israel for an international baseball tournament.

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