CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago teachers have been on strike for three days now. Kids are missing school, parents are stressing and scrambling, negotiators are negotiating, and pickets are picketing.

Here are some of the slogans heard/seen on the street, mostly taking direct aim at Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

1) President Obama, We’re Under Attack! Was This Your Plan When You Sent Rahm Back?
2) Hey Rahm, We’re No Fools, We Won’t Let You Ruin Our Schools!
3) Rahm, Rahm, Rahm, Rahm … Rahm, Rahm, Rahm, Rahm … Hey, Hey, Hey … Goodbye!
4) Ignorance Is A Disease, Knowledge Is The Cure, Teachers Are The Treatment
5) I’m A CPS Teacher Who Sends Her Kids To CPS Schools. Rahm, Where Do Your Kids Go?
6) Silly Rahm, Teachers Are For Kids (with picture of a Trix cereal box)
7) Hey Rahm, Teachers Don’t Like Bullies!
8) Use Your Outdoor Voice!
9) Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Rahm Emanuel Has Got To Go!
10) Whose Kids? Our Kids!

Do you have a slogan? Feel free to post in the comments section.

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