CHICAGO (CBS) — A published report says White Sox pitcher John Danks is denying claims by a high school friend, who fell 10 feet from a rooftop deck at the condo where Danks was living and became a paraplegic.

The Chicago Tribune reports Danks was sued for negligence on Aug. 14, for not calling 911 when his friend, Blake Papst, fell from the rooftop deck at the condo Danks was renting in the Goose Island area.

Papst had been standing on the concrete structure above the deck when his own brother, Waylon, allegedly pushed him and he fell, the Tribune reported.

Danks checked Papst’s breathing and made sure he hadn’t lost too much blood, but didn’t call 911, according to the lawsuit as quoted by the Tribune. Meanwhile, Papst was unable to move for hours, the lawsuit says.

But Danks said he acted “in good faith reliance” on Waylon Papst, who did not think emergency care was necessary, the newspaper reported.

He admits that the brothers were visiting him when they climbed onto the concrete structure, and Blake Papst fell down, the newspaper reported.

Danks has also filed a counterclaim against Waylon Papst, and claims his conduct was to blame for the fact that Blake Papst fell, the newspaper reported. Danks says if he is found liable, he wants Waylon Papst to cover some of the damages, the Tribune reported.

Blake Papst suffered a spinal cord injury and is now a paraplegic, the newspaper reported.

Alcohol may have been a factor in the accident, the Tribune reported.

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