Jay Mariotti Returns: Rips Cutler, Bears, Fans, Chicago

Jay Mariotti

Jay Mariotti (File Photo) (Credit: CBS)

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(WSCR) In case you missed it, former Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti made a surprise return to Chicago when he wrote a column for ChicagoSide titled Cutler’s Bears Still Suck.

In his column, Mariotti is his usual self – ripping Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, the Bears as a whole, the city of Chicago – even Bears fans were subjected to his criticism.

Just look at the first paragraph of his column: Maybe I’ve been tamed by a sky that is unfailingly blue, or a breeze that cools the burn on my face while biking along the ocean, or the Negra Modelos at the boardwalk bar as the sun drops over a backdrop of Santa Monica mountains and Malibu surf. But here in Southern California, I don’t understand Chicago’s bats***-apoplectic-crazy reaction to last week’s debacle in Green Bay.

Miss Mariotti, yet?

Check out the full column here.