Walter’s Perspective: Cutler’s Sideline Bump Is Much Ado About Nothing

(CBS)–This is a hard night for me, thinking about the Chicago Bears and the St. Louis Rams, a big game on Sunday.

But all the talk-talk in the news is about a little bump-bump last week on a sideline. Oh, my goodness, oh, my, my, can you believe it? Our little Jay Cutler, unhappy with our big J’Marcus Webb.

Jay actually had the nerve, the gall, to bump-bump J’Marcus –- a little, little bump-bump. So little, you can’t even see it.

J’Marcus, I bet he didn’t even feel it. But how indelicate, how discourteous, how ill-mannered of Jay Cutler. And the media’s gone bump-bump bananas over it, so everyone’s talking about-it.

My turn: These guys are paid millions to break bones and bash each other into pieces. What’s the big deal about a little bump?

Jay Cutler and J’Marcus Webb are about hard knocks, not good manners. They’re not worried or talking about the bump. They can handle it. Why can’t we?

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