CHICAGO (CBS) — I’m saying a prayer tonight for a Chicago priest, a beloved and wonderful 80-year-old priest, who is being moved out of his church -– kicked out by the Chicago Archdiocese.

He is Father Dan Mallette of St. Margaret of Scotland on the Southwest Side. He’s been at St. Margaret for 35 years and lives in the rectory, helping parents and children in a difficult neighborhood.

A miracle at St. Margaret, being replaced by a priest from Dayton, Ohio, because, says the Archdiocese, Father Mallette at age 80 is too old. Too old?

Pope Benedict at age 85 isn’t too old. One hundred cardinals and bishops over 90 are not too old. Father Mallette doesn’t act too old.

He was at the Cook County Jail today, saying Mass, and then we talked on the telephone. I’m so sad. He says that next week he may be removed from the rectory, evicted from his home after 35 years. God forbid.

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