CHICAGO (CBS) — If you did not ride the subway this morning, you missed a lot of good talk about the great debate last night — talk that you don’t often hear in this toddlin’ town of Barack Obama.

Like: Wow, was he bad. Man, did he blow it. Can’t believe how he blew it.

When I got off the train onto the platform I heard it again, and here in the office and at lunch today again.

And I agree, Barack Obama in the debate last night did blow it.

He hemmed and hawed like he didn’t know what to say or forgot what to say or was bored and didn’t want to say anything — or even be there. It seemed like he did not prepare for the debate, because maybe he thought he didn’t need to, because he thinks he’s smarter than Romney.

Maybe his mind was on the pundits and his pals who before the debate were telling him he can’t lose the election.

Now, they’re telling him – or ought to be telling him – that for the next debate he better shape up or he will lose the election.

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